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Nine-Tenths of the Law by L.A. Witt

L.A. Witt - Nine-Tenths of the Law CoverTitle: Nine-Tenths of the Law

Author: L.A. Witt

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (250pgs)


Publisher: L.A. Witt (15th March 2017)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: “I believe you have something of mine, Zach.” The stranger’s accusation throws Zach Owens for a loop. He’s never seen this man in his life, and he’s not prepared when he finds out what they have in common—their boyfriend, Jake.  Make that ex-boyfriend. With the jerk out of the picture, Zach hurries after the stranger to apologize… which quickly leads to some sizzling hot revenge sex. Despite starting on the wrong foot, Nathan Forrester can’t get enough of the sexy movie theater owner. Still, he’s jaded and distrustful—especially when Jake keeps materializing in Zach’s presence despite Zach insisting that relationship is over. With a devious ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage their fledgling relationship, Zach and Nathan need to learn to trust each other, or they’ll both wind up with nothing. This 61,000 word novel was previously published, and has been revised to include an extended ending.

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Review: Zach’s night looks to be a disaster when he is confronted by his boyfriends other boyfriend, leaving his now ex-boyfriend behind he hurries after the stranger and Zach’s night suddenly looks up with a hot bout of revenge sex. Nathan is bitter about his ex’s betrayal but he can’t get Zach out of his mind, and they embark on a rebound fling… but it soon gets more serious between them.

This is a great story of finding love in an emotional turbulent time, where love is developing but lack of trust is rearing its ugly head.

Nathan and Zach in a fleeting moment are rivals, they both are seeing the same man, Jake, Nathan for four years and Zach for six months before they both discover the truth and they both walk away from the man who betrayed them. Nathan has a hard time letting go of the broken trust and as he begins a relationship with Zach he finds it difficult to believe Zach when he says he’s working late… especially when Jake is feeding his fears.

I liked this story and enjoyed watching as Nathan and Jake both embarked on a relationship together, they were a hot couple and meshed well together when they are together. When they are apart though Nathan’s fears of betrayal claw at him and it leads him to some stupid arguments with Zach. Zach is pretty easy going for the most part, he’s bounced back from Jake’s betrayal and now just wishes the pain in the arse would stop bothering him and that Nathan would trust him 100%.

Whilst I enjoyed the story I do think Zach could be a little bit more understanding of Nathan’s feelings, it’s really not easy to trust when it’s been shattered and unfortunately it usually does carry over into the next relationship, especially when your ex is feeding that paranoia. I also got a little annoyed at Zach for continuing to play to Jake’s tune by answering the man’s phone calls and agreeing to see him… he should have just cut off all contact.

So there’s a relationship developing, some angst and drama, and lots and lots of hot sex, the storyline is good and the characters are great, so really what more could you ask for?

Holding on to Love by Sid Love

Holding on to Hope - Sid Love

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts


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Leslie’s best friend, Bradley, has saved himself for the man of his dreams and he finally finds him on Valentine’s Day. Bradley falls head over heels for the man but all Bradley can remember is the fantastic sex, and with the little clues he can remember he convinces Leslie to help him track the mysterious man down. Leslie isn’t thrilled but helps her friend and when Bradley heads into danger as he searches for his perfect man, Leslie isn’t sure if Bradley’s perfect man really is perfect.


This is a great little short story that takes Vampires back to being the scourge of the Earth; it gives us a fresh twist for the dhampir’s and it has a love story with a forgotten man and a desperate search for true love. Brad seems to be a character full of life and when it comes to the love of his life he strives for perfection, when he half remembers the night before he knows that his perfect man is within reach. Ronan wants what Brad could give him but the danger is too great so he does what he has to do to keep Brad safe, even if it means being forgotten.


This story has great potential which was missed out on because of character perspective; the paranormal storyline could have been much more exciting and effective if the perspective had shifted to the characters directly involved. The love story aspect was really good (but again slightly missed its mark with character perspective) with two men longing for the other but circumstances preventing their love from being fulfilled, with Ronan always having to watch as Brad walks away forgetting him and Brad always longing for his perfect man, never knowing he had already met him.


So I should let you all know that this story is all from Leslie’s perspective which I found dampened the story, we never once really get any emotions or feelings off either Brad or Ronan; what we get is Leslie’s interpretation of their feelings and I also felt like I was missing out on the paranormal aspects of the story because it was from Leslie’s view point. Never once did I feel the rush of emotions that Brad must have felt about finally finding his perfect man, I didn’t feel his despair over not remembering his face and I never felt the fear he must have felt over the situation he found himself in… and all that was also mirrored by Ronan… I felt cheated by only having it from Leslie.


I recommend this to those who love the paranormal, an interesting paranormal storyline, a new relationship with a twist, brilliant friends, and looking at a new relationship from the outside.

Lasting Damage by R.G.Green

Lasting Damage - R G Green
3 1/2 - 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Tyler is surprised and wary when he is approached by Lieutenant Danny Baxter to help investigate a murder, the police believe they know who the killer is but the victim’s brother is convinced they are wrong and puts pressure on them through The Wheaton Brigade and Madison Huff. When Tyler takes the case he finds himself back in the sights of Huff and he gets distracted when Sean starts to receive unwelcome messages. Trying to work out who is targeting Sean fizzles out when there are no suspects but Tyler knows the threat is real. But danger comes to both of them when the murderer sets his sights on Tyler and the man who threatens Sean acts.
This story picks up about six months after the end of When Past Becomes Present with Tyler and Sean happily living together. Tyler is drawn into a murder investigation when Danny asks him to have a look, discreetly, at the victim’s brother’s claims of the suspected killer’s innocence. When investigating the murder brings him to Huff’s attention again he is furious but has other concerns when someone seems to be targeting his beloved Sean. As you might remember Tyler is very protective of Sean and he will do anything to keep his man safe especially after the events in When Past Becomes Present, Sean is again in the background but brought to the forefront when danger lurks from someone who is bitter and seeks revenge.
The second you start reading this story you are thrown into an erotic love scene between Sean and Tyler, it reminds us just how deeply these two men love and how they love showing each other that love. Their relationship is still very much front and center throughout this book with the hot sexy phone calls and their inability to be in the same room without the need to touch and love on each other, their care and concern are on every page and the sweet moments between them are to be cherished, while the hot moments are to be drooled over. Their relationship is the best thing about this book with the mystery of the murder and the stalker coming in a tight second, Huff’s involvement in the story will have you grinding your teeth and thinking Tyler should get a medal for not killing her.
You get pulled into this story from the first page, lulled by the erotic sensuality before being introduced to the dark side of Wheaton City and a murder that is based in jealousy. Tyler is again our star with his supporting cast being put to good use when they are needed most, Danny, Mark and Scott making this story more filled out while Sean adds the hot spice and terrifying worry. The investigation itself is interesting but Tyler keeps getting distracted with what is happening with Sean and Huff’s irritating interference. There’s danger that comes from two fronts, one of which you know is coming as you see through this persons eyes as they plot and plan.
I recommend this to those who love established couples going forwards with life, who loves mystery and danger, who love sensual passion, who love great characters and adore happy endings. 

Indebted by A.R. Hawkins

Indebted - A.R. Hawkins
4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
Aaron’s life began to fall apart when his mother died, he dropped out of med school and he feels guilt for failing. Now his father is playing on his guilt and is making him pay the price for his father’s outstanding loans, Aaron has to pay the loan with his body and he can only pray that the Mafia loan shark won’t make him pay a higher price. Liam has been groomed into his position by a power hungry father, forced into a life he never wanted, accepting Aaron’s offer isn’t the way to do business but it gives him some release. With their mutual attraction burning bright they realize that a weekend will never be enough, but Liam’s enemies won’t leave Aaron in peace and Liam has to come up with a way to protect Aaron and keeping them both alive.
Ohhhh a Mafia enforcer falling for a poor guy forced to pay his father’s debts and the poor guy accepting the Mafia enforcer warts and all, soooo romantic. Aaron is a sweetheart who couldn’t cope when his mother died and dropped out of med school, he feels guilt over the money spent on his education that was wasted and his dad uses that guilt to full measure. Liam is a great man who is stuck in a life his dad dragged him into, he accepted his fate but longs for something different. When these two guys meet the sparks fly and they begin a hot relationship but Liam’s enemies try to make Aaron pay a price and Liam comes up with great plan to get out of the life.
We see this story from both Liam’s and Aaron’s point of view so we get to know both characters really well, we see how both of them got to be in that office the first time they meet and we follow along as they fall in love. Aaron’s character is one that sees beneath the surface of Liam’s veneer, to the honest caring man underneath the brutal enforcer and Aaron opens his heart to that man. Liam’s character is one that wants more from life but until Aaron came along he never pushed for it, Aaron has him striving for peace and safety instead of violence and money. They make a fantastic couple who are perfectly suited and through Aaron’s eyes we see Liam for who he really is.
While reading this story I was expecting the usual ‘enforcer goes to the other side for love’ but got a very nice surprise with Liam’s solution. I was also really enjoying Aaron’s attitude to Liam’s life, instead of demanding Liam gets out of the life he warily accepted Liam’s life and friends. This is a very good story which I enjoyed for not having rose-tinted glasses, there’s violence that doesn’t apologize and men who are what they are. The sexual element of this book is hot from the very first encounter and neither Liam nor Aaron give a damn about how their relationship started, with sex as payment for a very large debt. This is a great story that is slightly gritty, with danger and callus men but with a strong thread of love throughout.
I recommend this to those who love Mafia enforcers finding love, violence and danger, enemies dishing out retribution, protecting your love, loving someone no matter what and a wonderful ending. 

Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane

Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane

4 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Rusty has always gotten everything he wanted without even really trying, he might be expected to follow in his father’s footsteps but he fully admits to being the stereotypical dumb jock. When he meets Oliver his views begin to change, he wants more than to go into his father’s business, he want to do something that makes him happy. Oliver is out and proud, he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and his best friend puts himself down. Kissing Rusty is one of the best things he has ever done and being there for Rusty as he struggles through his first semester at Berkeley keeps him hoping that Rusty will wake up to his true feelings. Rusty heads home for the holidays knowing just what he wants but his parents have very different ideas, when he finds himself tossed out on the street it’s Oliver and his family who help him back on his feet, but can Rusty accept the love that Oliver offers or will his stubborn pride keep them apart?


This is an incredibly wonderful story where a young man finds himself and sets out to live his life in happiness and accepting that family is more than who you are born to. Rusty is a character who is easy to fall in love with, he has no illusions about himself and knows his limits, although he is very hard on himself and self-disparaging. Oliver is a lovely young man who guides Rusty as much as he can to recognise his feelings and to also buff up Rusty’s confidence. They make a perfect couple who have the usual teenage problems involving pride and confidence, but their support of each other is heart-warming.


We follow these two young men as they make friends and develop a friendship that can and does stand against pressure. Rusty is oblivious to many things around him but finds that he has much more going for him in a world he makes for himself, rather than the world his parents want for him. His relationship with Oliver is the cornerstone for all that he wants to build and we see his heartache as he strives to be something he isn’t, we see Oliver and his family pulling around Rusty as his own parents turn their back on him and we see Rusty blossoming into a man to be proud of. Rusty and Oliver’s relationship is an incredible one, they have their ups and downs but it is all based in love and when they are together it makes you smile.


I adored this story, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what would happen to these two young men as they faced life with love from one side but disapproval from the other side. The story is from Rusty’s point of view but you get to know Oliver perfectly through Rusty’s eyes and Rusty is an honest character, there’s no false pretences in him so what you see is what you get. The story is written perfectly, the characters come to life and it is a storyline that happens all too often in real life. You get behind these two young men cheering for them as they build their lives, you feel their heartache, pain and disappointment, their confusion and hurt, their love and happiness and their dreams of the future.


I recommend this to those who love young adults starting their lives, fantastic characters, wonderful family, new blossoming love and an incredible ending.    


Texas Christmas by R.J. Scott

Texas Christmas - RJ Scott

4 1/2 Hearts


Texas 05


Review written for  MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. When Liam came to the Double D ranch he had little more than the clothes on his back, his trust had been destroyed and he was wary of what is expected of him. Now he has an admirer and he isn’t sure what to do, Marcus doesn’t seem like the type of man to hurt him but Liam finds it hard to open up. Marcus is determined to get close to the young man who fascinates him and discovers what has Liam so afraid, he woos Liam slowly but when danger comes from Liam’s past will he be strong enough to help Liam through it. Jack and Riley are looking forward to their expanding family but the red tape is tangled. Eli and Robbie are getting ready to settle into their new house but leaving their little apartment is harder than Robbie thought.


We are back at Double D ranch watching as Jack and Riley’s family expands, as their friends, Eli and Robbie, settle into their new home and Liam learns to trust Marcus and find his place on the ranch. This is a beautiful addition to the Texas series; it’s filled with joy and sadness, pain and relief and men who love something fierce. It covers the months from September to December with us watching the ups and downs of these six men and we get the story of Liam’s life and hardships, we see the developing love between Liam and Marcus and the solid love between Jack and Riley, and Eli and Robbie.


So I might (under torture) admit to having to wipe a couple of tears away at certain times during this story, and some of those tears might have been for the joy and love that smacks you in the face, but some of those tears were also for the pain and heartache that Liam suffered and rolls off the page to torture your heart. Damn you R.J. Scott! I also admit to loving this story completely and having fallen madly in love with Max, that little tyke just about rips your heart out with his little hand *the one not clutching Thomas* and he refuses to give it back.


This is a wonderfully written story taking us through the journey of not just Liam and Marcus’ burgeoning relationship but the journey that Liam takes within himself to overcome his painful past with the help and love of Marcus and the support of Jack, Riley, Eli and Robbie. We see the struggles that Riley and Jack face with the red tape as they adopt Max, and as they get into the swing of being parents to the twins. We see the love that Eli and Robbie have for each other as they move into their own house and the support they offer to their Texas family.


I recommend this if you love cowboys, family, love and support. If you adore well-crafted tales of building families through love and trust, overcoming the past and welcoming love and a beautiful Christmas ending.             


Christmas Serendipity by Liam Livings

Christmas Serendipity - Liam Livings

3 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


David leans on his mate Tony as he mulls over the ending of his disastrous relationship, when he gets fired from his job just days before Christmas Tony drags him home with him. Christian finds himself with nowhere to go for Christmas when his parents rescind their invite after he confesses he is gay, his workmate Cathy takes pity on him and invites him home for Christmas. As David and Christian share Christmas with the two flatmates, a spark of attraction flares between them and it just might bring them both happiness in the New Year if they can both resolve their past hurts.


I quite enjoyed this simple story of friends becoming a family for Christmas. David has had a terrible relationship where he was used as a doormat by his boyfriend, but with the boyfriend tossing him to the side David can’t just put his feelings behind him. When David meets Christian a spark is lit and although he doesn’t want to rush into anything he knows he has to give them a chance. Christian is still reeling from his parent’s actions and although there is a spark of hope that his parents will come around he is still miserable, meeting David sparks his interest and taking it slow is a great idea even if he would at first prefer passionate sex to ease his woes.


This is a very Christmas with friends story, where friends pull together to have an enjoyable Christmas and put their problems behind them for a couple of days. Cathy and Tony are incredible friends who make this Christmas for both men enjoyable, but while Cathy is overjoyed that David and Christian are becoming close, Tony is more cautious and encourages David to slow down and not jump in feet first. Both David and Christian seem to be wonderful men working their way through their personal issues but neither man is willing to turn their back on the attraction between them, it is a slow moving relationship that is still tentative and new but with much hope on both sides.


I recommend this to those who love saving Christmas stories, friends pulling together, support and friendship, a spark of new love and new hope and a very Merry Christmas.

The Pen and the Sword by Jana Downs

The Pen and the Sword - Jana Downs

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Beast Games 02


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews 


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Flavius is the gladiator master who doesn’t see his slaves as just beasts, he is trying to improve the lot of his slaves so they have more freedom but his own secret feelings for Corbin could lose them everything. Corbin, Flavius’ Lanista, wants nothing more than to be able to claim his mate but a relationship between a master and slave is forbidden, punishable by jail time for the master. Flavius fights his feelings for Corbin but Corbin won’t allow him to back off, then a deep dark secret about Flavius is discovered and Flavius’ household must pull together or lose everything.
Ah we finally get the story about Flavius and Corbin, we all saw the tension between them in Cat and Mouse but now we see the full struggle that they both faced and we discover just how hard it has been for both of them. Flavius is doing the best he can with his gladiator house, but keeping away from Corbin proves to be impossible. Corbin wishes he could claim the one meant for him and refuses to be pushed away, hoping to find a solution he pursues his master but things become more complicated. Both Flavius and Corbin are shocked when the truth comes out and they have to rely on each other for support and can only hope for the future.
This is a brilliant story in a setting where shifters are slaves and humans the masters, using the shifters natures as a guide to their placing in the human world and having clear guidelines on shifter laws. Both Corbin and Flavius are in a difficult position with their forbidden relationship, Flavius tries to deny what is between them because of the laws and Corbin is beginning to no longer care about the laws. At the gladiator games it comes to a head between them and they have to turn to their household gladiators for help. Flavius makes some surprising connections and Flavius’ slaves are about to get a freedom they have never had before.
This story feels very much like it continues on from Cat and Mouse and in a way it does because we got to see from the outside Corbin’s & Flavius’s relationship in Cat and Mouse so we knew there was something between them, it also carries on with the changing household situation for all the slaves with Flavius wanting fairer treatment for the slaves even before he learned the truth. The relationship between Corbin and Flavius is really well written with the conflicting emotions between following their hearts or following the law, dealing with the new discoveries and making surprising allies. They are a perfect couple in a very difficult situation.
I recommend this to those who love shifters in tight situations, a master trying to do the right thing, fighting the heart and losing, accepting fate, hot sex, a great storyline and a new beginning with hope for the future.

At Heart by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

At Heart - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Orgasmic Texas Dawn 11


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Sam has left the biker life behind him as he completes the FLETC training to become a US Marshal, but shaking off his past isn’t as easy as he hoped. Marco wishes Sam would open up with his concerns but has more important things to worry about when a new case lands with crazy movie stars. As Sam graduates tragedy strikes and the US marshal’s pull together to get justice for their colleagues.
Once again we are given an exciting instalment of the US Marshal’s from Orgasmic Texas Dawn as they keep the peace and chase down the worst of society. We open up with Sam undergoing his training for the US Marshal’s and seeing him juggle his way through as a fellow trainee tries to make waves and a trainer has it out for him. With Marco we see him taking up cases that are troublesome with idiot movie stars, and missing Sam desperately. We watch as both men make the best of the current situation and hot snatched moments as they quench their driving need for each other.
As you well know (you have been following the series, right!) Sam and Marco have had a bumpy ride but it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Both men have to juggle being apart and missing each other while Sam is training, but Sam isn’t one for sharing his problems and as trouble is being caused for him he finds a solution that just might work. Marco might be able to pry some details out of Sam and admire the way Sam handles things but it doesn’t mean he is really happy that Sam won’t lean on him.
I really enjoy At Heart as we see both Sam and Marco really come into their own as a super-hot couple, they strike sparks off each other whenever they are together… or on the phone to each other. They find a great balance and begin to move forward on equal footing and they both make it clear how much the other means to them. We have excitement from all angles in this story with a shocking scene at the graduation party, mental drugged up movie stars, and jealousy and resentment playing their parts. We see all our favourite Marshal’s *sigh* and it looks like there’s a surprise in store for one of our fine Marshal’s.
I recommend this to those who love US Marshal’s hunting for justice, sexy bad boy bikers turning over a new leaf, passionate horny men and snatched moments, a great storyline and a wonderful ending.

Airos by Jennifer Wright

Airos - Jennifer  Wright

4 Hearts


Finding Home 03


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Zane has fought hard to be the warrior he is, hiding a part of himself from his fellow vampires he has proven himself worthy of being in their ranks, but meeting his mate Bo throws everything into the light. Boer is a dragon, kidnapped by the vampires to discover Gravaick's secrets but Bo is only a cook and has no knowledge to give, meeting Zane is a shock but things get harder when Bo's brother comes to rescue him. With Zane in turmoil over some devastating news and heading out for battle, Bo isn't sure of the bond they share and with one of the coven turning traitor can they come out the other side stronger?
We are firmly in Pavarus and the trouble between the Vampires and the Dráguns in this installment of Finding Home, with repercussions for past deeds being felt and devastation being left in it's wake. Zane and Bo are the couple who discover a bond, a bond that shouldn't be possible, with them being on opposite sides by birth but unable to deny what they feel. Zane's predicament and secret are discovered with Larken being devastated by the turn of events, Bo is left reeling when his brother Nikolai admits family secrets and Aliam can't pull himself out of his despair and making decisions that are unwise. 
I really love the way this series is developing and the twists we are treated to, although Zane and Bo's relationship came as a surprise, because I was secretly hoping that Zane would get together with Larken, it adds a nice bit of angst and heartache. The storyline gives us some surprises with all the previous couples getting into the mix and contributing, they never overpower though, being blended in well so we never forget that even with everything that is happening it is still Zane and Bo's story. It is far from an easy relationship, not only because Bo is a dragon and Zane is a vampire but also because of the new developments and the existing problems with Gravaick.
The characters are written brilliantly, each of them effecting you as you see from their eyes, we have Zane who has done what he has to to prove himself and has pushed hard. We have Bo who feels pulled between his new mate and his loyalty to his Drágun brother. We have Larken who longs for his love to be returned and we feel his devastation as he is ignored for another. Then there is Damien who has nothing but contempt for Zane and wishes he could make things better for Larken. We have Aliam who just can't get over his loss and bitter revenge drives him. Each character brings a wealth of feeling to this story and it really carries you along as the storyline heats up toward battle and betrayal. 
I recommend this to those who love paranormal worlds, battling factions, a brilliant developing storyline, great characters, twists, finding love in difficult circumstances and much more to come in the future.

The Case of the Sinful Santa by Amber Kell & R.J. Scott

The Case of the Sinful Santa - Amber Kell, RJ Scott

4 Hearts


End Street Detective Agency 04


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Zeph, the Angel of Vengeance, is on his way to see his cousin Danjal when he feels a pull and he comes across his mate, but claiming his mate isn't easy when he is suddenly called upon to deal with some zombies. Nick is trying to drown is sorrows as he contemplates his life, not being a full Klauson has him being looked down on by the rest of the family but he continues to do his work seeking out the dread and dark pockets and wiping out the cause. Together, Zeph and Nick, face more than just zombies and to be together one of them might just have to give up everything. 
This is a great addition to the series bringing us some answers but also opening up new ones as one case closes and a discovery is made. Nick is a great character who has had his confidence knocked repeatedly by members of his own family, he has no clue why Zeph would want him but Nick has a lot to offer. Zeph's character is perfect for Nick because he sees the true worth of Nick, he doesn't see anything wrong with Nick being half human and appreciates the gifts that Nick has. They have instant chemistry and are fated to be together but they face opposition when Zeph's people interfere. 
The storyline continues on smoothly from The Case Of The Dragon's Dilemma with the zombie's at Mal's school, it also brings Danjal and Hart back into the story and Smudge starts bringing in the familiar's for Sam to place. We see how Sam and Bob are doing and how Sam is still in denial, we discover the truth about the necromancer with Nick saving the day with Christmas magic and we see a new relationship being forged between Zeph and Nick that didn't start out perfectly but picks up speed quickly. 
I really do enjoy this series and how it's progressing, you never know what we will face next or what interesting characters we will be introduced to or what new problems will arise. And we can't help but wonder when poor Sam will get an actual paying case that doesn't end up involving him, Bob or Mal in some way. Zeph and Nick make interesting additions to the little group of friends and they bring that extra angst as they face down those uppity Angels and they get a surprise visit. 
I recommend this to those who adore the paranormal, love great characters, love perving on not one but two couples, getting pulled into interesting and different storylines and having great happy endings. 

Eye of Truth by Cassie Sweet

Eye of Truth - Cassie Sweet

4 1/2 Hearts


Alchemists and Elementals 01


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Theodyne finds himself in desperate straits when he is released from prison, his sister has moved, his belongings long gone and his stash of buried goodies seem to have been discovered. Swearing to stick to the straight and narrow Theo seeks honest work but being branded a thief makes his options limited. When a former associate tries to tempt Theo with stories of untold riches by gaining the Eye of Truth, Theo ends up at the owner’s villa seeking gainful employment. Nicodemus isn’t looking for a new employee when Theodyne comes knocking on his door, but he notices the man has a potential for alchemy and takes him on as his apprentice. When Nicodemus is called to the Gold School, which his family founded, he takes Theodyne with him and they discover an ancient foe is gathering and determined to discover the secrets of the Gold School while seeking power in the Dominical city-states. Theo and Nico must work together to battle the evil that plagues the alchemists and can only hope that they lose that which means the most to them.
Oh what a treat this book was to read, a wonderful fantasy story with great characters and a brilliant plot. Theodyne lived the high-life before getting caught red-handed stealing, now he has learned his lesson well and although destitute he has no intentions of returning to his old way of life. Taking an apprenticeship looks to be his best option and the man offering it to him looks even better. Nico is stunned when he first sees Theo but the man’s power calls to him first. Their attraction is felt from the first but they keep their feelings to themselves, the relationship that develops between them is a slow burning one, they have much more important things to worry about as Theo begins his studies and Nico mentors him.
I loved this story that is heavy on the plot and lighter on the relationship, I found that the writing of the story was brilliant and dragged me in to a world where change is happening and dark forces are working in the background. The characters are interesting and come to life leading us on an adventure that never bores. The story is quite simple, Theodyne has served his punishment but will be forever marked, his experiences in prison have added to his knowledge which he puts to good use. Being given a chance he has no intention of squandering, he strives to do his best but refuses to be put down by anyone. When he joins up with Nico he learns a lot about himself and he lays his loyalty at Nico’s feet and when danger comes he will fight besides Nico every step of the way. Nico takes on his apprentice just because, and he finds quickly that Theo is honest and can be trusted and come to rely on the man as they try to discover how far the evil has spread.
We follow Theo and Nico as they work to discover just what is going on at the Gold School, finding that there might be traitors in their midst, dark magic being used and that the corruption might just be deeper than they suspected. We also see how their relationship is built on trust and friendship, Theo has had a powerful lover in the past and finds it hard to put himself in that position again, but giving that trust makes their relationship beautiful and lasting. We see a lot of secondary characters who each have an important part in the story, because without even one of them the story wouldn’t work quite as well, their supporting roles make this story great and doesn’t bog it down or hold it back. There’s just enough action and it never gets over the top, we see Theo improving with his studies at a good pace and the explanation for the elementals means that we don’t get lost when it plays a larger part in the story.
I recommend this to those who love fantasy and high fantasy, a steady relationship being built, trust being earned, devious goings on, great characters, a brilliant storyline and an ending that leaves you wondering what will happen next.

Rum and Ginger by Eon de Beaumont

Rum and Ginger (The Connection Series) - Eon de Beaumont

4 Hearts


The Connection 01


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Ben is the manager of T.C. McFlannigan’s, it isn’t a job he ever aspired to have but he followed love back home, now though even his relationship seems to be strained and opening up about his dreams doesn’t get the support he hoped for. With Chance seeming to drift further away Ben makes new friends who he doesn’t have to hide his sexuality with and one of them, Brodie, encourages Ben to seize his dreams. When Ben discovers Charlie’s betrayal Ben also discovers that he has more support than he realized, he draws closer to Brodie and the dream of opening his own gay bar.
This is a great story of fading love and discovering new love, of following your dreams and making new friends. Ben has never been happy hiding his relationship from the world, but Charlie is too scared of his family to admit to being gay so Ben is forced to live in the closet if he wants to keep his lover. Now though, years later, there seems to be something wrong with their relationship and when Ben discovers what one of those things is, he walks. Meeting Brodie sparks something in Ben that has been missing for a while and resurrects the dream he once had of opening his own bar. 
I was pleasantly surprised with this story because it has two relationships in it, for the first half of the book it is Ben and Chance and how they have drifted apart and mistakes being made and the relationship failing, and then the second half of the book is Ben getting his life on track and the budding relationship between Ben and Brodie. Even though there is a break up it isn’t too angsty or heartbreaking, there are hurt feelings but it is more the realization that they had fallen into a rut and something different tempts them. 
While both Charlie and Brodie play large parts in this story we still only know the basics about them, we don’t get to understand why Charlie did what he did and we don’t get to know Brodie as well as we could have. The secondary characters really add something to this story, Lena with her party-girl attitude who always has a drink to hand and Derek with his newly bachelor state trying to fill his time with drinking and girls and not wanting to be alone. We see more than just a romantic relationship being built, we see friendships new and old and family ties being strengthened, we see a man finding he has more than he thought he did and his hopes for the future. The new relationship between Ben and Brodie starts off as friendship and because of that their relationship when they get together doesn’t feel rushed.
I recommend this to those who love moving forward with your life, developing new friendships and relationships, forgiving the past and embracing the future, some hot sex and an ending that is a beginning.

Fate is a Series of Choices we Make by Jane Wallace-Knight

Fate Is a Series of Choices We Make - Jane Wallace-Knight

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts


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The Wolves of Greenwich 02


This book is part of a series and must be read in order. In the aftermath of the kidnapping in The Holy Trinity Joey is left keeping Sam's mum company and trying to explain things to her, he is surprised when his mate walks through the door and he is human, and straight. Kieran is finding it hard to believe everything that has been revealed to him but with Joey guiding the way he begins to get a handle on it, that is until he begins to have feelings for Joey. Struggling with his torn feelings for two people, his ex-girlfriend and Joey, Kieran doesn't know which way to turn and he resents that the choice might be taken out of his hands. Joey can only stand by and hope that Kieran will stop fighting fate, but Joey is encouraged to open his heart to Kieran.
This story continues on from The Holy Trinity Sam's brother Kieran in the starring role. This is a great continuation of The Wolves of Greenwich as Kieran gets pulled into his brothers new found world, there is lots of soul searching for Kieran as he falls for Joey, a fact that has him confused and then angry as he thinks his choice has been taken from him. Joey is perfect as the patient wolf, biding his time until his mate learns to accept him. Things get passionate between them but Kieran has more that just a mating to think about when Joey gets carried away, and angst follows as Kieran has to decide what he wants.
I enjoyed this story and liked getting a glimpse of Sam, Jackson and Alek. Kieran is really torn over what he thought he would always have and what fate says he should have, finding himself attracted to a man really does shake him up especially as he isn't sure that he still doesn't want the ex. Joey is really patient and has a hard time coping while Kieran decides what he wants, and I liked it when he took matters into his own hands. While Kieran and Joey work out their relationship we see Sam still trying to find the man who took him to Rita's when he was a boy, and we see poor Luka who isn't coping. 
I recommend this to those who love shifters, friends to lovers and mates, struggling with choices of the heart, hot sex and a great ending. 

Bottoms Up by Etienne

Bottoms Up - Etienne

3 1/2 Hearts


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An Avondale Story, About a Bottoms 01


Chris loves being a bottom, conditioned from long years of abuse he can only really get off with prostate massage but he makes the most of it at every opportunity. But then, he gets bad news, colon cancer, and it gets worse when the operation is botched and Chris's bodily functions are no longer his own to control. Mickey has been Chris's best friend since college and Chris's medical diagnosis has him admitting his true feelings to Chris and finding out he wasn't the only one hiding his true feelings. Together they go forward with their new life and things are good but they get a surprise when Chris's past rears it's head and they have new decisions to make.
This was quite a good story that shows that the world doesn't end after surgery and that life can be fulfilling when changes need to be made. Chris is a very sexually active RN First Class and he loves being aboard a carrier with all the available men, being shipped to another station finds him making many friends who are there for him when he gets the bad news. Mickey is the man who has been a constant in his life since college, and now is no different. Taking a promotion and confessing his feelings has him getting his hearts desire and he holds Chris up as Chris faces the complications and the reality of his life. 
This really is a great book that shows us the harsh realities but glosses over the details of a surgery that is botched, it shows the strong men who deal with it the best they can and then plow on with their lives together. Both Chris and Mickey are great characters, we follow them along as they make a new life together and deal with their problems in a timely manner, accepting change with help from other quarters and dealing with a big surprise in the only way they know how and then facing the shock of the situation.  
I have read many of Etienne's books and his writing style isn't for everyone, he brings us stories about some hard hitting subjects of which child abuse, cancer and botch surgery are in this story, he gives us enough to know the pain that has been suffered without forcing us to endure it also and he gives us stories about everyday men with the everyday existence of their lives. There isn't excitement thrown in to titillate or great love scenes to get you hot, there is just the story told in a fashion that interests without overwhelming the reader and makes you wonder what will happen next in Chris and Mickey's life. We are treated to some wonderful settings with many of the characters from the various Avondale stories, we see Dan and Mickey building a life together and being happy despite what has befallen Chris.
I recommend this if you want an interesting story, men admitting how they really feel, love that sticks through thick and thin, and a story that leaves you wondering what happens next.  

Forever After by Kailin Morgan

Forever After - Kailin Morgan

4 Hearts


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‘It’s just sometimes I wish…’ Are the words that begin to change Dan’s world, because when you live in a fairy-tale Kingdom anything might happen. Dan lives an ordinary boring life, working in the Library of Stories and living in a little stone house, when he utters the words that bring him his very own Fairy Godmother, who is bright and very male, but Dan has no wishes to fulfill. Camael is a Fairy Godmother who finds himself with the reluctant wisher, but it isn’t long before Camael advises Dan on his wish and they both get a happy ending.
This is a very cute fairy-tail type story, we have the ordinary man on the street and a flamboyant Fairy Godmother and a mutual meeting of the minds ;-). Both characters are entertaining and have you smiling at their antics, their attraction is quite sweet and gets bumbling at times. Dan doesn’t feel fulfilled in his life but doesn’t know what is missing, meeting Camael has him longing for something he doesn’t think he can have but Camael soon dissuades him of that notion.
I really enjoyed this little story and liked both Dan and Camael, the story is well written and I loved how Dan dissected other fairy-tales within the first few pages, after all he works in a library so he should know them all. This is a very sweet happy ever after type story with Camael coming up with a way for them to be together *crafty Fairy Godmother* and Dan finding the happiness he has always longed for…. Oh and it’s pretty hot when Dan and Camael find a way to use one of the wishes *cherry flavor in fact*.
I recommend this to those who love fairy-tales, cute couples, finding happiness and a very happy ever after.