Airos by Jennifer Wright

Airos - Jennifer  Wright

4 Hearts


Finding Home 03


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Zane has fought hard to be the warrior he is, hiding a part of himself from his fellow vampires he has proven himself worthy of being in their ranks, but meeting his mate Bo throws everything into the light. Boer is a dragon, kidnapped by the vampires to discover Gravaick's secrets but Bo is only a cook and has no knowledge to give, meeting Zane is a shock but things get harder when Bo's brother comes to rescue him. With Zane in turmoil over some devastating news and heading out for battle, Bo isn't sure of the bond they share and with one of the coven turning traitor can they come out the other side stronger?
We are firmly in Pavarus and the trouble between the Vampires and the Dráguns in this installment of Finding Home, with repercussions for past deeds being felt and devastation being left in it's wake. Zane and Bo are the couple who discover a bond, a bond that shouldn't be possible, with them being on opposite sides by birth but unable to deny what they feel. Zane's predicament and secret are discovered with Larken being devastated by the turn of events, Bo is left reeling when his brother Nikolai admits family secrets and Aliam can't pull himself out of his despair and making decisions that are unwise. 
I really love the way this series is developing and the twists we are treated to, although Zane and Bo's relationship came as a surprise, because I was secretly hoping that Zane would get together with Larken, it adds a nice bit of angst and heartache. The storyline gives us some surprises with all the previous couples getting into the mix and contributing, they never overpower though, being blended in well so we never forget that even with everything that is happening it is still Zane and Bo's story. It is far from an easy relationship, not only because Bo is a dragon and Zane is a vampire but also because of the new developments and the existing problems with Gravaick.
The characters are written brilliantly, each of them effecting you as you see from their eyes, we have Zane who has done what he has to to prove himself and has pushed hard. We have Bo who feels pulled between his new mate and his loyalty to his Drágun brother. We have Larken who longs for his love to be returned and we feel his devastation as he is ignored for another. Then there is Damien who has nothing but contempt for Zane and wishes he could make things better for Larken. We have Aliam who just can't get over his loss and bitter revenge drives him. Each character brings a wealth of feeling to this story and it really carries you along as the storyline heats up toward battle and betrayal. 
I recommend this to those who love paranormal worlds, battling factions, a brilliant developing storyline, great characters, twists, finding love in difficult circumstances and much more to come in the future.