Texas Christmas by R.J. Scott

Texas Christmas - RJ Scott

4 1/2 Hearts


Texas 05


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This story is part of a series and must be read in order. When Liam came to the Double D ranch he had little more than the clothes on his back, his trust had been destroyed and he was wary of what is expected of him. Now he has an admirer and he isn’t sure what to do, Marcus doesn’t seem like the type of man to hurt him but Liam finds it hard to open up. Marcus is determined to get close to the young man who fascinates him and discovers what has Liam so afraid, he woos Liam slowly but when danger comes from Liam’s past will he be strong enough to help Liam through it. Jack and Riley are looking forward to their expanding family but the red tape is tangled. Eli and Robbie are getting ready to settle into their new house but leaving their little apartment is harder than Robbie thought.


We are back at Double D ranch watching as Jack and Riley’s family expands, as their friends, Eli and Robbie, settle into their new home and Liam learns to trust Marcus and find his place on the ranch. This is a beautiful addition to the Texas series; it’s filled with joy and sadness, pain and relief and men who love something fierce. It covers the months from September to December with us watching the ups and downs of these six men and we get the story of Liam’s life and hardships, we see the developing love between Liam and Marcus and the solid love between Jack and Riley, and Eli and Robbie.


So I might (under torture) admit to having to wipe a couple of tears away at certain times during this story, and some of those tears might have been for the joy and love that smacks you in the face, but some of those tears were also for the pain and heartache that Liam suffered and rolls off the page to torture your heart. Damn you R.J. Scott! I also admit to loving this story completely and having fallen madly in love with Max, that little tyke just about rips your heart out with his little hand *the one not clutching Thomas* and he refuses to give it back.


This is a wonderfully written story taking us through the journey of not just Liam and Marcus’ burgeoning relationship but the journey that Liam takes within himself to overcome his painful past with the help and love of Marcus and the support of Jack, Riley, Eli and Robbie. We see the struggles that Riley and Jack face with the red tape as they adopt Max, and as they get into the swing of being parents to the twins. We see the love that Eli and Robbie have for each other as they move into their own house and the support they offer to their Texas family.


I recommend this if you love cowboys, family, love and support. If you adore well-crafted tales of building families through love and trust, overcoming the past and welcoming love and a beautiful Christmas ending.             

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