Bottoms Up by Etienne

Bottoms Up - Etienne

3 1/2 Hearts


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An Avondale Story, About a Bottoms 01


Chris loves being a bottom, conditioned from long years of abuse he can only really get off with prostate massage but he makes the most of it at every opportunity. But then, he gets bad news, colon cancer, and it gets worse when the operation is botched and Chris's bodily functions are no longer his own to control. Mickey has been Chris's best friend since college and Chris's medical diagnosis has him admitting his true feelings to Chris and finding out he wasn't the only one hiding his true feelings. Together they go forward with their new life and things are good but they get a surprise when Chris's past rears it's head and they have new decisions to make.
This was quite a good story that shows that the world doesn't end after surgery and that life can be fulfilling when changes need to be made. Chris is a very sexually active RN First Class and he loves being aboard a carrier with all the available men, being shipped to another station finds him making many friends who are there for him when he gets the bad news. Mickey is the man who has been a constant in his life since college, and now is no different. Taking a promotion and confessing his feelings has him getting his hearts desire and he holds Chris up as Chris faces the complications and the reality of his life. 
This really is a great book that shows us the harsh realities but glosses over the details of a surgery that is botched, it shows the strong men who deal with it the best they can and then plow on with their lives together. Both Chris and Mickey are great characters, we follow them along as they make a new life together and deal with their problems in a timely manner, accepting change with help from other quarters and dealing with a big surprise in the only way they know how and then facing the shock of the situation.  
I have read many of Etienne's books and his writing style isn't for everyone, he brings us stories about some hard hitting subjects of which child abuse, cancer and botch surgery are in this story, he gives us enough to know the pain that has been suffered without forcing us to endure it also and he gives us stories about everyday men with the everyday existence of their lives. There isn't excitement thrown in to titillate or great love scenes to get you hot, there is just the story told in a fashion that interests without overwhelming the reader and makes you wonder what will happen next in Chris and Mickey's life. We are treated to some wonderful settings with many of the characters from the various Avondale stories, we see Dan and Mickey building a life together and being happy despite what has befallen Chris.
I recommend this if you want an interesting story, men admitting how they really feel, love that sticks through thick and thin, and a story that leaves you wondering what happens next.