Holding on to Love by Sid Love

Holding on to Hope - Sid Love

3 - 3 1/2 Hearts


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Leslie’s best friend, Bradley, has saved himself for the man of his dreams and he finally finds him on Valentine’s Day. Bradley falls head over heels for the man but all Bradley can remember is the fantastic sex, and with the little clues he can remember he convinces Leslie to help him track the mysterious man down. Leslie isn’t thrilled but helps her friend and when Bradley heads into danger as he searches for his perfect man, Leslie isn’t sure if Bradley’s perfect man really is perfect.


This is a great little short story that takes Vampires back to being the scourge of the Earth; it gives us a fresh twist for the dhampir’s and it has a love story with a forgotten man and a desperate search for true love. Brad seems to be a character full of life and when it comes to the love of his life he strives for perfection, when he half remembers the night before he knows that his perfect man is within reach. Ronan wants what Brad could give him but the danger is too great so he does what he has to do to keep Brad safe, even if it means being forgotten.


This story has great potential which was missed out on because of character perspective; the paranormal storyline could have been much more exciting and effective if the perspective had shifted to the characters directly involved. The love story aspect was really good (but again slightly missed its mark with character perspective) with two men longing for the other but circumstances preventing their love from being fulfilled, with Ronan always having to watch as Brad walks away forgetting him and Brad always longing for his perfect man, never knowing he had already met him.


So I should let you all know that this story is all from Leslie’s perspective which I found dampened the story, we never once really get any emotions or feelings off either Brad or Ronan; what we get is Leslie’s interpretation of their feelings and I also felt like I was missing out on the paranormal aspects of the story because it was from Leslie’s view point. Never once did I feel the rush of emotions that Brad must have felt about finally finding his perfect man, I didn’t feel his despair over not remembering his face and I never felt the fear he must have felt over the situation he found himself in… and all that was also mirrored by Ronan… I felt cheated by only having it from Leslie.


I recommend this to those who love the paranormal, an interesting paranormal storyline, a new relationship with a twist, brilliant friends, and looking at a new relationship from the outside.