Lasting Damage by R.G.Green

Lasting Damage - R G Green
3 1/2 - 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Tyler is surprised and wary when he is approached by Lieutenant Danny Baxter to help investigate a murder, the police believe they know who the killer is but the victim’s brother is convinced they are wrong and puts pressure on them through The Wheaton Brigade and Madison Huff. When Tyler takes the case he finds himself back in the sights of Huff and he gets distracted when Sean starts to receive unwelcome messages. Trying to work out who is targeting Sean fizzles out when there are no suspects but Tyler knows the threat is real. But danger comes to both of them when the murderer sets his sights on Tyler and the man who threatens Sean acts.
This story picks up about six months after the end of When Past Becomes Present with Tyler and Sean happily living together. Tyler is drawn into a murder investigation when Danny asks him to have a look, discreetly, at the victim’s brother’s claims of the suspected killer’s innocence. When investigating the murder brings him to Huff’s attention again he is furious but has other concerns when someone seems to be targeting his beloved Sean. As you might remember Tyler is very protective of Sean and he will do anything to keep his man safe especially after the events in When Past Becomes Present, Sean is again in the background but brought to the forefront when danger lurks from someone who is bitter and seeks revenge.
The second you start reading this story you are thrown into an erotic love scene between Sean and Tyler, it reminds us just how deeply these two men love and how they love showing each other that love. Their relationship is still very much front and center throughout this book with the hot sexy phone calls and their inability to be in the same room without the need to touch and love on each other, their care and concern are on every page and the sweet moments between them are to be cherished, while the hot moments are to be drooled over. Their relationship is the best thing about this book with the mystery of the murder and the stalker coming in a tight second, Huff’s involvement in the story will have you grinding your teeth and thinking Tyler should get a medal for not killing her.
You get pulled into this story from the first page, lulled by the erotic sensuality before being introduced to the dark side of Wheaton City and a murder that is based in jealousy. Tyler is again our star with his supporting cast being put to good use when they are needed most, Danny, Mark and Scott making this story more filled out while Sean adds the hot spice and terrifying worry. The investigation itself is interesting but Tyler keeps getting distracted with what is happening with Sean and Huff’s irritating interference. There’s danger that comes from two fronts, one of which you know is coming as you see through this persons eyes as they plot and plan.
I recommend this to those who love established couples going forwards with life, who loves mystery and danger, who love sensual passion, who love great characters and adore happy endings.