The Case of the Sinful Santa by Amber Kell & R.J. Scott

The Case of the Sinful Santa - Amber Kell, RJ Scott

4 Hearts


End Street Detective Agency 04


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Zeph, the Angel of Vengeance, is on his way to see his cousin Danjal when he feels a pull and he comes across his mate, but claiming his mate isn't easy when he is suddenly called upon to deal with some zombies. Nick is trying to drown is sorrows as he contemplates his life, not being a full Klauson has him being looked down on by the rest of the family but he continues to do his work seeking out the dread and dark pockets and wiping out the cause. Together, Zeph and Nick, face more than just zombies and to be together one of them might just have to give up everything. 
This is a great addition to the series bringing us some answers but also opening up new ones as one case closes and a discovery is made. Nick is a great character who has had his confidence knocked repeatedly by members of his own family, he has no clue why Zeph would want him but Nick has a lot to offer. Zeph's character is perfect for Nick because he sees the true worth of Nick, he doesn't see anything wrong with Nick being half human and appreciates the gifts that Nick has. They have instant chemistry and are fated to be together but they face opposition when Zeph's people interfere. 
The storyline continues on smoothly from The Case Of The Dragon's Dilemma with the zombie's at Mal's school, it also brings Danjal and Hart back into the story and Smudge starts bringing in the familiar's for Sam to place. We see how Sam and Bob are doing and how Sam is still in denial, we discover the truth about the necromancer with Nick saving the day with Christmas magic and we see a new relationship being forged between Zeph and Nick that didn't start out perfectly but picks up speed quickly. 
I really do enjoy this series and how it's progressing, you never know what we will face next or what interesting characters we will be introduced to or what new problems will arise. And we can't help but wonder when poor Sam will get an actual paying case that doesn't end up involving him, Bob or Mal in some way. Zeph and Nick make interesting additions to the little group of friends and they bring that extra angst as they face down those uppity Angels and they get a surprise visit. 
I recommend this to those who adore the paranormal, love great characters, love perving on not one but two couples, getting pulled into interesting and different storylines and having great happy endings.