Forever After by Kailin Morgan

Forever After - Kailin Morgan

4 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


‘It’s just sometimes I wish…’ Are the words that begin to change Dan’s world, because when you live in a fairy-tale Kingdom anything might happen. Dan lives an ordinary boring life, working in the Library of Stories and living in a little stone house, when he utters the words that bring him his very own Fairy Godmother, who is bright and very male, but Dan has no wishes to fulfill. Camael is a Fairy Godmother who finds himself with the reluctant wisher, but it isn’t long before Camael advises Dan on his wish and they both get a happy ending.
This is a very cute fairy-tail type story, we have the ordinary man on the street and a flamboyant Fairy Godmother and a mutual meeting of the minds ;-). Both characters are entertaining and have you smiling at their antics, their attraction is quite sweet and gets bumbling at times. Dan doesn’t feel fulfilled in his life but doesn’t know what is missing, meeting Camael has him longing for something he doesn’t think he can have but Camael soon dissuades him of that notion.
I really enjoyed this little story and liked both Dan and Camael, the story is well written and I loved how Dan dissected other fairy-tales within the first few pages, after all he works in a library so he should know them all. This is a very sweet happy ever after type story with Camael coming up with a way for them to be together *crafty Fairy Godmother* and Dan finding the happiness he has always longed for…. Oh and it’s pretty hot when Dan and Camael find a way to use one of the wishes *cherry flavor in fact*.
I recommend this to those who love fairy-tales, cute couples, finding happiness and a very happy ever after.