Corey by Toni Griffin

Corey - Toni Griffin

3 Hearts


The Atherton Pack 03


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Ethan has been in the Atherton pack for only a short time, he has hopes of finding his dream in the future but is happy for the time being and then his dream walks through the door. Corey has had his heart broken in the past and has no intention of falling in love again but fighting the mating pull is harder than he thought especially when his mate is pulling out all the stops to woo him. Ethan knows that they can be blissfully happy together but first he has to convince Corey to give him a chance, even when it seems that fate is putting obstacles in their path. 
So we meet two head strong shifters who are both determined to have their own way, it makes for an interesting story with some heart searching but with little angst. Ethan has been alone for many years and has only ever wanted his own family, he looks forward to the day he will meet his mate and is so happy when he finds him in his new pack. Corey doesn't want to find love again, his last attempt left him heartbroken and he knows he wouldn't survive another failed relationship, so when he meets his mate he does everything in his power to ignore the man even as his wolf strains his control. When the two men come to an agreement it is with hope on one side and doubt on the other. 
I did enjoy this story and loved the dance between Corey and Ethan as they both try to get their own way, the story really is mainly about their relationship dance and the gaining of trust, but, it also has Tommy and Ben as they come to the end of their pregnancy. While I liked both Corey and Ethan I found Ethan to be too confident and aggressive in his pursuit of Corey, yes they were mates and Corey was trying to deny their bond but Ethan overrode what Corey wanted and, to me, became creepy in his pursuit. Corey is heart sore and doesn't trust that he won't be hurt again so you can understand him being wary even with his fated mate, there should a been a gentle courtship (yes Ethan did know why Corey was wary) to suit the situation. 
There's lots of sexual tension and some humorous situations, we also see some diva action from Tommy and Ben losing it, the threat that comes to the pack doesn't seem to be that bad in the grand scheme of things but carelessness could bring deep trouble. 
I recommend this if you enjoy shifters finding their true mates and having to work for it, learning to be patient and accepting what you can get, accepting love and opening your heart, and giving the man you come to love a chance.