Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux (With contest)

Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux

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This story & series is a spin-off from the Cut & Run series and the timeline starts just after the events inTouch & Geaux. Ah oh yippee!! It’s time for Nick to find the beginning of his ever after and it comes from a very surprising direction! With Kelly still recovering from his injuries Nick accompanies him home to take care of him, but Nick gets a surprise when Kelly asks for a kiss. Kelly knows Nick better than he has ever known any of his ex’s and after Nick’s confession to the Sidewinder team Kelly finds himself examining what he feels for his teammate, hoping to satisfy his curiosity he asks for a kiss and gets much more than he bargained for. Just as they begin to figure things out the past comes knocking at their door.


So we get a brief look into the Sidewider team from the perspective of Nick and Kelly and we see a change in their relationship that can only be for the better. We see both men examining what they really feel for the other man and accepting that their feelings might be more than just the feelings of a comrade in arms or even brothers, they embrace the change between them with loads of sweaty sex but they hold back slightly from fully admitting the full extent of their feelings.


This story is a great look into the men that Ty calls friends, we see the loyalty they have for each other and the easy friendship they have even before they take it further.

The story also connects to the ending in Touch & Geaux with a visit from the marines with us seeing what happens with Kelly and Nick, we also get to catch up with Ty and Zane briefly at the airport where Nick has to fast talking to do. In the bonus story Bait & Switch we meet up with Zane, Nick and Kelly when Nick is in the States for a flying visit, it is some time after Shock & Awe and we learn some details into what is happening to everyone and we see Nick and Kelly come to an agreement about their relationship.


Now I have got all that out of the way just let me express myself…. *squeal, happy dance, joyful jig, whoop* oh god it was soooooo good to see Nick get his happy going with Kelly and damn but they were hot! I loved this story for giving us a look at the Sidewinder guys and for giving us a peek into what was going on with Ty and Zane without giving much away. I loved how easily Kelly and Nick fell together but still held back a little and then when they finally have their heart to heart and admit what they really want from each other *sigh* it was so sweet edged with a touch of angst.


I recommend this to those who love men going after what they want, friends becoming lovers, admitting what you really want and grabbing hold of love with both hands.


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