The One by Hurri Cosmo

The One - Hurri Cosmo

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Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Hunter is a warrior and a great swordsman but he has dreams that foretell tragedy. When a Quest Gathering is called to find the 'one' who will save the kingdom, Hunter is eager to participate when he discovers the Seer is at the castle, maybe his disturbing dreams are connected to the horror the seer has foreseen. But the Seer disappears and Hunter sets off on his own quest to find the Seer but his friend/adversary Tome is determined to be the best and handcuffs himself to Hunter. Tome has more reasons to shackle himself to Hunter and is determined to finally shatter Hunter's shell, so helping Hunter to save the world seems like a good idea but Tome and Hunter face a horror that just might be the death of them both.
This is a great little fantasy adventure that is a smooth read and easy to enjoy. Hunter and Tome have known each other for years but have never quite been friends, Tome is determined to change that but Hunter can't quite forget the past that colors his feelings. As the two set out on the adventure together Tome finally cracks Hunter's carefully crafted shell and Hunter finally accepts the feelings that Tome invokes in him. Together they face an adversary that they never expected and their relationship is changed forever.
I really enjoyed this story for it's interesting storyline and for it's simplistic setting, the world is written simply without too much information or too many characters to bog the story down. Both Hunter and Tome are interesting men, when the story starts out they both seem to be friendly adversary's but it soon becomes apparent that there is a lot more to their relationship, a lot of which is based in the past. The story is all from Hunter's perspective but we get a great feel for Tome, we see how Hunter works through his feelings and the worry he has over the role he has set himself. Tome is much simpler to watch, he wants Hunter to be his and is aggressive in his pursuit, which is fun to watch, both characters can be a bit arrogant at times but they fit the storyline perfectly.
The storyline is great and you pick up what is happening easily, you get a good idea of who the baddie is and we see things connect together well, so it leaves you in no doubt that the plotting within the story has been going on for some time. The development of Hunter's and Tome's relationship is kinda sweet and heats up pretty well, there is also a slight D/s element that sneaks in from nowhere and surprises as both characters seem quite dominant but it adds a little spice. The adventure is pretty tame but the actual foes that are being fought are sneaky and eerie and the conclusion of the story is exciting.
I recommend this to those that love fantasy adventure, great characters, a slightly twisty storyline and a blossoming love.