Bone Rider by J. Fally

Bone Rider - J. Fally

4 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Well this story was an absolute pleasure to read. A sexy cowboy, a deadly Russian assassin and a sentient alien armor and weapons system take us on an exciting adventure with explosions, gun fights and desperate escapes that keep you gripped to the story. When McClane accidentally causes the spaceship he is on to crash he needs to find a host body to survive and who could be better than cowboy Riley, who just happens to be on the run from his ex-boyfriend Misha, a Russian mob enforcer. While Riley is on the run hiding from Misha, McClane is running from the US Government's military and while Riley and McClane come to an understanding, Misha and the military are hot on their heels. Misha just wants his man back, yes he hid a part of himself but his feelings for Riley were genuine, now if he can just find his sexy cowboy he can convince him of how he feels. 
Ah I have to say that I loved every page of this story, it had my attention from the first page and held on with a death grip until the last page. This story gave me danger and excitement that just kept coming and coming, it gave me a wonderful love story that didn't follow an easy path and it gave me brilliant characters who wormed their way into my heart like McClane wormed his way into Riley's. I really don't know where to begin because there were that many aspects that I loved, should I start with the characters McClane (can I call him a character.... or a symbiotic alien metallic entity?), Riley and Misha and how each of them are completely different but fit perfectly together? Or the brilliant military campaign to find the missing alien, after they screwed up first contact? Or the relationship that broke under the strain of the truth, but the love that still holds strong? Or the strange relationship that develops between alien and cowboy? There's just so much to choose from and I haven't even taken into account the Russian mob or the survivalists!
McClane is a unique being that is remarkably alive, he is wrote in such a way that he becomes a unique individual with his own characteristics including both sarcasm and humor. And even though the only time we get a glimpse of McClane is from within Riley, you clearly see him as a character in his own right. Misha is a great assassin and he will do anything to get Riley back in his life, he adores Riley and it shows through in his actions. Riley is just an honest man and when confronted with the truth of Misha's life he ran, but that doesn't make his feelings go away. Together McClane, Riley and Misha have to face down adversaries and make sacrifices if they are to come out alive. 
While this story is mainly from Riley's, Misha's and McClane's point of view we are also treated to the points of view of the military officers, and one of Misha's friends, we get a clear view of the overall story so we are never left guessing, although you still get a few surprises along the way. The action and adventure was just perfect, while over the top a little it still managed to fit perfectly with what you would imagine if this was an action movie. *sigh* This would be so cool on the big screen. We also get some very hot sexing with McClane being a very active participant and Misha and Riley both being very open minded. 
I have to recommend this to those who love science fiction, alien hunting military, an assassin looking for his lover, a cowboy being in the wrong place at the right time and an alien entity that just wants to survive.... oh and if you like Die Hard type of action and an impressive final confrontation.