Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers by Kim Knox

Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers - Kim Knox

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Edgar Mason can see plainly that he is losing Agamemnon to Theodora now that she is improving; gifts, kisses and dinners are what Agamemnon gives to Theodora and Mason stands at the sideline watching. Agamemnon is torn between his feelings for Mason and his duty and guilt, when his brother, Menelaus, disappears his guilt doubles and he is determined not to let Theodora fall back into Pandarus' hands again. The Martian's are getting ready for their final push on Earth and Mason and Agamemnon have to discover just where the 'Crown of Towers' is by following random clues. Mason and Agamemnon must make a final sacrifice if they are going to save the world.
This is the conclusion of the Agamemnon Frost series and it definitely finishes with a bang. Mason and Agamemnon have had to revert back to master and servant, Agamemnon has to fulfill a duty that was arranged when he was very young and Mason knows that Agamemnon always does his duty. When Agamemnon's brother goes missing they both know something is wrong, but the Pandarus' plans for them fail when they don't act as planned and they have to face their biggest challenge yet when the Martian's plans move forward.
Well, we left Mason and Agamemnon at the end of 'The hollow Ships' with Theodora being placed in Agamemnon's care, now with Theodora improving Mason is left in emotional agony watching as Agamemnon seems to woe his fiancee. Agamemnon and Mason have to jump back on the case of the invading Martian's with very little to go on. Their relationship is in limbo with no way forward, but with the threat lurking and Mason unsure if Pandarus can still influence him they are stuck together longing for something that may never be realized.
I have really enjoyed this trilogy of historical sci-fi, of a difficult relationship that never quite got off the ground and a secret agency trying to save Earth. We finally see some happiness for both Agamemnon and Mason but it isn't without it's losses. We are taken on an adventurous journey as we finally come to the conclusion of the Martian invasion, it is an incredible descriptive final where rescue comes just in time. We are drawn into the turmoil that Mason feels as he watches from the sideline, we understand his sacrifice and we applaud his courage.  
I recommend this to those who love historical science fiction, a race against time, miraculous rescues and a love that won't give up.