Crimson Reign by J.T. Cheyanne & V.L. Moon

Crimson Reign - J.T. Cheyanne, V.L. Moon

4 1/2 - 5 Hearts 

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Malachi (Lachi) is King of the vampires, created to save his race and bonded to a Seraphim, Laziel, it is his destiny to guide the vampires, but, the duty is wearing him down and without his angel to temper his dark yearnings he would lay waste to those that irk him. Laz adores his vampire, Lachi is his to protect but Laz loves Lachi with his every breath, a love that Lachi can't accept. With a rival vampire working with their enemies Lachi and Laz are about to face a challenge that the world may not survive. 
Oh My God, this is a brilliant paranormal story that just blew me away. Lachi is being pressured to take a female mate and produce children, but he has no interest in females and only wants his angel. Lachi secretly loves Laz but refuses to say anything because he thinks he has too much darkness inside him. Laz would give anything to be able to love Lachi freely but knows Lachi would never accept his love or freely return it, he is caught in the web of his Creators making and can only take what Lachi offers. In the vampire world there are factions at work trying to bring Lachi to his knees but with the aid of others Lachi is trying to stop the plans, but finding proof is near impossible. 
There are many things going on in this epic story that has you wondering how they are connected and the further into the story we venture the clearer the picture becomes, but there are still many unanswered questions at the remarkable Kindle throwing ending. We have two fantastic main characters in Lachi and Laz and believe me when I say that Laz has a very interesting surprise for you. We find out about Lachi's creation and his connection to Laz, we see a very interesting relationship between the two and some hot sex with a brief glossy overview of their BDSM relationship. But, this story is so much more than just Lachi and Laz, and I mean a lot more, as we are introduced to many more characters and little side story's that piques your curiosity. 
While I would love to blather on and on about the storyline I won't, just because trying to fit everything in to a short review would completely do a disservice to this epic storyline. There are many characters that we get to know who seem to have their own stories to tell and we see brief flashes of these. Lachi's and Laz's story is complex enough without trying to dissect it to bring up different points.... but I have to say that the authors have woven everything together in such a way that it grabs your attention and won't let go, it fills you with excitement and frustration, has you lingering for that devouring powerful kiss and has you growling in righteous anger at the mechanics of an insane vampire. Oh by the way, the warning in the blurb about the ending is to be taken seriously!
I recommend this to those who love epic storylines, vampires and paranormals, an intense plot, great characters, devious intent, thwarting enemies, unspoken love and an ending that has you whimpering in protest as you squelch the scream of frustration that is trying to burst forth.