Quietly Into The Night by James Cox

Quietly into the Night - James   Cox

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Rylan is an assassin, a very good assassin, he always gets his targets as long as they deserve the punishment. His new assignment isn't going to be easy, getting to a man who is paranoid about security will be a challenge, but when Rylan meets Gold and Loxy he is determined to take out the Leader even if he dies trying. 
This is a great science fiction, erotica story that is entertaining, has action and is sexy. Rylan is alone, it's just him and his ship, having friends or relationships is impossible in his line of work as an assassin but he doesn't let it get to him. When he takes on his latest assignment he gets a lot more than he bargained for and he finally loses his heart. But he is a killer and can't let his new loves be tainted by his job. Gold is sweet and beautiful he's had a crush on Loxy for ages but has never been allowed to act on it, meeting Rylan gives Gold the push to finally act on his desire. Loxy spends the night with Rylan and finds himself in major trouble, Rylan comes rushing to the rescue and Loxy finally finds the happiness he wanted with Gold and Rylan. 
This is a great little lovefest with danger, escapes and rescues littering the story. Rylan is a great character who loves what he does, Gold seems like a shy standoffish character until you learn his background and Loxy is slightly sneaky but with good intentions. All the characters are great and extremely sexual, one again James Cox has woven a wonderful mix of science fiction and erotica. The story flows well with lots of sexual tension and escapades to heat the blood, there's daring escapes and rescues that has your heart pounding and a developing love that is sweet and sexy... oh and I won't even mention the f**k machine :-). 
I recommend this to those that want a sexual short that is enjoyable to read, a good dose of sci-fi with some danger thrown in, sex hot enough and plentiful enough to have you fanning yourself and clenching your thighs and an ending that has you sighing at it's sweetness.
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