Texas Family by R.J. Scott

Texas Family  - R.J. Scott

4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews 


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Jack and Riley have decided to extend their family, they go the surrogacy route but every step of the way they find something new to worry about. Nothing ever goes smoothly for them so they are just waiting for something to go wrong, but things seem to just fall into place. As they prepare for the extended family they meet a little boy with learning difficulties and both Riley and Jack fall under his charm, but with the surrogacy under way can they hope to adopt the sweet little boy as well?
Ohhh this is a beautiful mix of family, hope and steamy sex, mixed together to give us another incredible story in the Texas series. Riley and Jack are hopeful but their nerves keep getting the better of them, they lean on each other as they go through the process of surrogacy and getting ready for a larger family. Their relationship is as strong as ever, with them always making time for just them, or for Hayley and their other relations, making sure that none of their family is left out.
This is a very normal story for Jack and Riley, nobody is out to get them and there are no unexpected surprises or enemies. We just see a couple moving forward with their lives, facing the normal strain, stresses and worries of extending a family while juggling the lives they already have. We see the continued love and support between Riley and Jack and the explosive sex and sensual love-making that they enjoy oh so much.      
We also see Beth and Steve and what is going on with their lives, we see Eden and Sean going through a rough time and we also see Robbie and Eli and their happiness. We are introduced to a couple of new people that we will see in a future book and I really can't wait to see what is coming next, R.J. Scott has a way of bringing these characters to life and making us care about what happens to them. 
I recommend this to those who love cowboys and city slickers who are in love, adorable children, celebrations and joy, hot sex, sweet moments and a pure happy ending. 
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