Strange Angels by Andrea Speed

Strange Angels - Andrea Speed

3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Bren is on the run with an angel, he is running for his life after being told he is part God and a homicidal God wants the powers he will develop. The only good to come out of his new found knowledge is his protector Dar, the hunky angel, who Bren has fallen in love with. Dar knows full well that Bren is holding enormous power that is just waiting to be tapped into, but being chased down isn't making it easy to train Bren. Calling in Gods to assist in protecting and training Bren is easier said than done, but protecting the demigod he has fallen in love with is his most challenging task yet. 
This is a pretty good paranormal/fantasy story that entertains with its gods and goddess', power struggles and god fights. The first thing I will say about this story is it shouldn't have been titled 'Strange Angels' it should have been titled 'Strange Gods' because these Gods are strange. Bren lived his life as a simple human before being attacked and rescued by Dar, but now he is a demigod in waiting on an adventure that takes him through gods dimensions and meeting temperamental gods some who want to destroy him. 
We don't really see much of Bren and Dar's relationship other than charge and protector, but we have brief moments where we discover how close they are either through words or actions. This story is all about Bren and his struggle to gain control of his powers while dodging the gods who want the power for themselves. We meet an interesting selection of strange gods and there are some humorous moments, there are also attacks and some power struggles and mini battles as the gods choose sides.
I recommend this to those who enjoy angels and gods, a love that is strong and fierce, some humor, interesting characters, a great storyline filled with danger and a touch of angst and a really sweet ending.