First Mission by Ravon Silvius

First Mission - Ravon Silvius

4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Kenneth and Thorn are now Enforcers, with Thorn becoming the first Talentless Enforcer, it is now time for their first mission. Check out the new alchemy college, meet the governor and see how the college's presence is effecting the local village.... easy right? The governor is friendly, the college welcoming, but the village is hostile. Thorn and Kenneth split up to discover what is truly going on and while Kenneth is being seduce by the college, Thorn is being spat upon by his fellow talentless, and as they both draw near to the truth they have to face a deadly enemy again.
First Mission begins about three weeks after The Exam finished, it continues with the story of Kenneth and Thorn, a mage and a talentless, who are liefmates and are set on becoming Enforcers to uphold the law and in Thorn's case to bring some equality for the talentless. On their first mission together Thorn's fears seem to be realized when he is spat upon and called a traitor by his own people, but his determination to help them won't let it get to him. Kenneth has his own concerns when he realizes that he is being distracted from his job, trying to determined what is happening isn't easy when he can trust no one but Thorn. 
I really do enjoy this series as the storyline develops and we see both Kenneth and Thorn confronting their future together. Their first mission isn't as easy as they hoped as they come across a cesspit of corruption and dark magic. Their love is still strong and strengthening everyday, they face what is thrown at them, the contempt and anger, the wiles and seduction with the knowledge that they can fight against it together. They are a wonderful couple and their passion for each other doesn't waver.... even when temptation is being force upon Kenneth.The storyline is really good, and has excitement and danger, with both men fighting against the evil deeds to save the village but with Thorn finding himself in great danger.
I have to recommend this to those who love magic and steampunk, stronger bonds being forged, fighting against dark deeds, building a bridge between Enforcers and talentless, with a great ending that leaves the way for more great stories.