MMGBR’s Book Talk: Bring the Heat by M.L Rhodes

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Cathy enters the room that seems eerily silent. She hopes her girlfriends made it and will soon join her in this adventure of picking up, reading, and dissecting a book she’s awfully fond of. It’s none other than Bring the Heat by M.L. Rhodes.She looks around and calls in a small voice.


“Hello everyone? Anyone here yet?”


A chuckling smooth voice startles her.


“Might be”, Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says.


Slightly relieved Cathy gives a tremulous little laugh herself.


“So? Is it just us then?” Pixie inquires looking around the empty room, irritation marring her features. She hates it when her girls aren’t on time.


“Here too” Thommie calls winking, her body making a turn just as Cathy said “Seems that way” with a resigned sigh.


Ah the cocky bitch made it after all. She’d been gone for a month now.


“Yay” Cathy exclaims. “Thommie, love your new profile thingy!”


“Heh, its wicked isn’t it?”


“Very you” Cathy replies, big smile on her face.


“Cool, do you want to start Cathy?” Pixie interrupts irritated.


Really? They were going to start on pleasantries? Give me a break and let’s get this show on the road. I got things to do for crying out loud.


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