Bite Me by Jana Downs

Bite Me - Jana Downs

3 1/2 - 4 Hearts


Ohh I loved this new shifter story with it's interesting take on shifters. Jude is a proper cutie and is really fed up with his abysmal love life, he has always had a thing for shifters.... well the ones in his romance books anyway, so when he and his friends stumble across sHarmony, a dating site that caters to humans and shifters, he signs up and meets the love of his life on the first date *yay*. Logan is a wonderful man who took his little brother in when their parents died, most dates run when they discover this though, Logan is also fed up of dating shifters who subscribe to the 3 second rule "your eyes meet, one second, you take a breath, two seconds, you fall in love, three seconds." Logan wants a relationship of substance and signing up for a date with a human seems like the way to go. Not everything is rosy for the couple though because of outside interference and they have to support each other when the prejudice and bigotry begin.
So a new series and a newish take on shifters. Shifters are known to the world, most have accepted them but there are some groups that like enforce their bigotry. Human's can be changed by a virus from their mate but there is no real way of telling what their animal would be, the animal is linked to the humans personality. I liked how it was all set out and easily explained, there was no confusion or mystery just a easy explanation. The story flowed well, with everything coming together to make an enjoyable story with very likable characters, Jude and Logan were both delightful and their relationship moved quickly but with a huge amount of passion and a good dose of friendship between them. 
The secondary characters were great, Evan, Collin and Orion all adding something to the story, you just know they will get their own stories in the future. While Jude and Logan's relationship is perfect for them, others try to make trouble for them and they both face a bit of danger. The shifter aspect was fascinating, especially trying to guess what type of shifter Jude would turn into... and he is so cute when he does. 
I recommend this to those who love shifters, hot sex, great characters, tension and a touch of danger, a great story and a wonderful ending.