The Hellfire Legacy - Missouri Dalton 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and must be read in order. With the destruction of Chicago Night Shift HQ and mysterious murders leaving them reeling Night Shift circles its wagons. Fynn is the highest ranking Night Shift officer left standing and he has to take charge, contact allies and find the monster responsible and it takes him and Jack across the world back to where it all began for the original Night Shift team.

This story dives in right where [b:The Night Shift|15895801|The Night Shift|Missouri Dalton||19212461] ended, it starts with explosions, sacrifice, betrayal and death and Fynn has to pick up the mantle and discover who, how and why. Fynn and Jack have a lot on their plate reorganising Night Shift and calling in allies and family to help track down the culprit, they have little time for rest as they race across the country on the killers trail and then across the ocean to England and Ireland to a showdown that reveals the person pulling the strings.

Wow, this book certainly doesn’t pull its punches as secrets are revealed and the twisting tentacles of the past linger and try to control the present. Both Fynn and Jack are as they have always been, although Fynn is feeling the pressure and the alcohol is calling his name. The mystery of whom was stealing artefacts is revealed and the sinister connections that are revealed as they investigate is chilling, but finding out why they were all betrayed is gobsmacking. Many things are revealed in this story with connections to the previous books and many secrets come out, Jack and Fynn are a spectacular couple and their co-workers, friends and family pull together in this story and make it brilliant.

I have to recommend this to those who love paranormal, sinister undertones, a long reaching plot, some sweet loving and a great ending.