Business or Pleasure - Douglas  Black 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jack needs a break after his ex-boyfriend dumps him, applying for a house sitting job he spotted in a newspaper, Jack is now heading to Marbella for nine months and wondering if he has done the right thing. Clark is still out of sorts after his own breakup and although Jack isn’t the usual sort he’d hire to house sit, he does so because Jack’s side note made him laugh. The attraction between them is mutual and Clark briefly shows Jack around, but nothing can come of their attraction as Clark is jetting off and Jack will be house sitting, but the attraction is stronger than either thought.

This is a great hot novella that scratches several itches. Jack has shaken up his life now that he is single, rather than hanging around moping he has an opportunity to have the time of his life in Spain and it starts just after he has landed at the Spanish airport. Even though it is far from his normal behaviour he seizes the moment, but wishes he had the chance to clean up before he meets his new boss. Clark is pleased with Jack and can’t help but offer to show him around, although it is something he has never done before, and it isn’t long before he can no longer resist and acts on his attraction.

Jack and Clark seem to be great characters, the story is set over just a couple of days so we don’t get to know them well. They connect to each other very quickly and they do spend time getting to know each other a bit, but it is very sexual between them and when it comes time for Clark to leave neither of them wants it to end. It isn’t an instant love match, but it is the beginning of something between them. I will admit that Douglas Black has a way with his characters, even the ones on the peripheral like the woman on the plane, she was a hoot. There is a brief sexual encounter between Jack and a random stranger in the airport, but the encounters between Jack and Clark are way hotter.

I will recommend this to those who want a touch of storyline with a potential relationship, with hot sex and a happy for now ending.