Coal to Diamonds - Augusta Li 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Cole, Cam and Bobby have been best friends for years, growing up together they formed their own coven and practiced magic. When they graduated Cam and Bobby left to follow their dreams leaving Cole behind. Ten years later Cam and Bobby return to their hometown with both their dreams in tatters, returning to Cole. Now they are all in trouble, getting involved with powerful magic user Darius has left them with little options left, they have to reforge their bond that has weaken with time if they are to get out of the clutches of Darius.

This is a fantastic magic story that delves into the darker side of magic as three friends battle to get out of the clutches of the charismatic and dangerous magic user. Cole, Cam and Bobby forged bonds when they were young, now years later they have to reforge that bond, but one of them feels guilt, guilt that the reason they are all together again is their fault. Their relationship is unsteady as doubts linger, but the only way to truly be rid of Darius, a man who wishes to control them, is to reconnect to what they had in childhood.

This story has some wonderful sexual sensuality, a longing for what once was and a love deep enough to bring a man back from the edge of madness. There’s a fine line between good and bad, and once the reins of control has been lost madness is sure to follow, and that’s what happens to one of these characters as he seeks to protect those he loves. Darius wants complete control and he uses his powers to try to force Cam, Cole and Bobby into agreeing once they realise what he really wants from them. Cam, Bobby and Cole go through some dark moments trying to break away from Darius, there’s some not quite welcome sexual scenes, and incredible three way sex and double penetration, and we see one of them getting deeper and deeper into darkness and madness. This story is really well written, giving us vivid descriptions and has a slick sensuality to its characters, the storyline was great without any quick fix to their solution.

I will recommend this story to those who love sex magic, hot sex, a great storyline, brilliant characters and a very happy ending.