A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Doug left Miami and returned to the town of Elkin and the Salish-Kootenai Indian Reservation when his mother fell ill, now he is a deeply closeted gay deputy at the sheriff’s department snatching stolen nights with men out of town. One such night leads to an amazing weekend with Christopher Hayes and the hope of future stolen weekends with the detective. Christopher was shot in the line of duty, recovery isn’t looking promising, but all that gets pushed to the side when he has to travel to Montana to deal with his older brothers’ (Peter) suicide. It also gives him the opportunity to spend more time with Doug, when he discovers he is the one handling the case, but things start to go wrong when his brother’s house burns down and the FBI get involved. Christopher realises Peter has given him clues to follow and it is a dangerous path for both Christopher and Doug when a dangerous psychotic pedophile turns his sights on them.

Wow, just wow, this story is absolutely fantastic, a brilliant mystery, and with a suspense that keeps you guessing. Doug is a brilliant character, he isn’t perfect, he has his hang ups with his background, he’s closeted and a vegan. When he meets Christopher the attraction is sudden and the sex mind-blowing and it’s something he wants more of. Christopher’s character has its own hang-ups that have haunted him from the past, he is strong-willed and is out of the closet. Meeting Doug and having a fling with him helps him put his feelings for his work partner, Ray, into perspective, but Christopher is still conflicted over what to do next.

I am very surprised that this is a debut novel, the writing is brilliant, and the storyline absolutely ace and it switches nicely between the relationship between Christopher and Doug and the suspense of just what is going on in Elkin. The mystery that Peter leaves for his brother Christopher to solve is disturbing, especially as Christopher and Doug dig and make new discoveries which will shock the town. Doug and Christopher’s romance is tricky as they hide it from the town, but they also have the knowledge that Christopher will be returning to California. We are also treated to Ray, Christopher’s work partner and best friend, and the conflicting feelings the pair of them have. Ray is a great character and I truly hope we get a story for him and also maybe for FBI agent Elliot Belkamp.

So what more to say, well the sex is really hot and Doug has to work through some of his fears, hmmm the characters are great and really work well together, Doug and Ray are just excellent as rivals. What else? Oh the storyline leads you through horrific discoveries well, but it is all surface details so there are no really horrific scenes played out on page.

So I have no choice but to recommend that everyone gives this book a read, but especially those who love mystery, suspense, danger, digging into dangerous secrets, great relationships, hot sex and an ending that gives us great promise for Doug’s and Christopher’s relationship.