Hooked Up - Parker  James 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Shay is sent out on a call to discover who is pirating the company’s signal, stealing cable might seem like a little thing to some people but to Shay’s boss its worse than stealing the Crown Jewels. Meeting Jagger is a big surprise, especially when he finds himself pinned beneath all that sexy muscle. Jagger has returned home when his father has a nasty fall, and trying to sort out his father’s finances is giving him a headache. When Jagger discovers a prowler in his father’s back garden his training as a bounty hunter kicks in and Jagger finds himself holding down a muscle bound hunky man. Their attraction is instant but both men only ever dominate, so how can they ever submit to the other man?

This is a great alpha male clash, two dominate personalities wanting control and the sexual sparks exploding around them. The storyline is pretty simple, two men who have always gone for a certain type of guy are confusingly attracted to someone who is just like them, complete tops. Both Shay and Jagger have to decide if they are willing to give up control and demonstrate submission for the chance of love. The background story of the cable theft is what brings them together and makes an interesting thread, a conman tricking the elderly, but he prayed on the wrong old man this time, Jagger’s father.

Although I found the background story cool and the image of two tops wrestling for control really hot, Shay and Jagger create an image of the ultimate hot sexy alphas, I was uncomfortable with how they both viewed bottoming as ‘submission’ and that even giving a blow job would be submitting to the other man’s dominance. Don’t get me wrong they are hot, sexy and smoking when they get over their hang ups, but it was the fact that they both viewed in their own minds that the only reason either of them would bottom was because they were in love and trusted each other, it just sat wrong with me.

I will recommend this to those who love muscle bound hunky tops coming together, passionate hot steamy sex with conflicting feelings, trust and love and a very happy ending.