The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Gage has spent the last ten years as an international investigative photojournalist, he is about to retire and open his own art gallery but he has one last special report to finish, a report that has been six years in the making and while he puts the finishing touches to his report he oversees the remodelling of his gallery. Trent is an electrical contractor who gets a last minute electrical gig for an art gallery, he is surprised by the owner and even more surprised when the man makes a pass at him. Trent has his children to think of and makes sure all parts of his life are separated but Gage tempts him to mix business with pleasure.

This is a wonderful family story that has a fantastic romance and a very surprising twist. Gage has always been a very short term type of man, he has travelled all over the world and now it is his time to retire and settle down opening his own art gallery in Chicago. Gage never expects the love of his life to walk through his doors, but when he does he will do everything in his power to win his man and keep him and his family safe, even if it means giving up his final dream. Trent hasn’t had much time for men, he has his children to think of, and so when he walks onto a new job site meeting Gage knocks him for six. Being romanced by Gage slowly erodes Trent’s walls and they quickly fall in love, but a twist of fate nearly rips them apart and could throw Trent’s family into danger.

The characters of this book are just incredible, each and every one of them will worm their way into your heart. Gage is a wonderful man who pursues Trent with all his wooing skills, Trent is a fantastic father who deserves to be romanced and his children, Hunter and Emalynn, are brilliant who add a touch of sweetness to the story. The romance is nicely paced and I liked that Trent didn’t just jump into Gage’s arms straight away, I liked that he put his kids first and that they were an integral part of the story. I thought Gage’s determination to romance Trent was sweet but I did think he got a bit clingy at times. I also thought that Gage’s reaction to the twist was a bit over the top but kind of understandable, while Trent handled it just right and was much more forgiving than I would have been. Gage really comes through for Trent and his family though and you really can’t help but love a man who would go to the lengths that he did. The storyline is good with an added twist that for some reason didn’t quite surprise me, why I don’t know but I wasn’t really shocked by the twist.

I will recommend this to those that love family stories, hot men coming together and discovering love, a twist that will raise eyebrows and a very happy ending.