Bryce's Cop - Toni Griffin 2 1/2 - 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order Bryce is surprised when he is arrested by his mate, his decidedly straight acting mate but he doesn’t let that get to him and decides that he will stalk the man. Lucas can’t get the vampire out of his head especially seeing as he sees him everywhere he goes, he decides to confront the sexy vampire and his actions cause problems for Bryce. Lucas has to get his head around his attraction to the man before it is too late.

This was an interesting paranormal story but I found it hard to believe the romance. Lucas was attacked by a rogue vampire and now months later there are more and more deadly rogue vampire attacks, him and his work partner are tasked with finding out where the rogues are coming from and stopping the problem. Bryce is trying to stop a fight in his club when he is arrested, he knows instantly that the cop is his mate and is disappointed that the guy is ignoring him. Lucas has a hard time fighting his attraction to the male vampire and he is confused by his feelings, he isn’t gay. Bryce is happy as he claims his mate but devastated when he is then rejected, Merrick has to interfere to get the two men together before the worse happens.

I liked the paranormal aspects of this story and was pleased to discover more about the rogues in the city. Bryce and Lucas’ relationship isn’t easy and I like the way that Lucas didn’t fall at Bryce’s feet, Bryce’s stalking was a little creepy and I was disappointed that neither character tried to get to know the other until it was nearly too late. I found it really hard to accept the relationship, Bryce never approached Lucas to try and win him over and Lucas would never have approached Bryce the second time without Merrick’s encouragement. I found it really hard to believe that Bryce just gave up and was willing to die and wouldn’t have even told Lucas it would have caused Lucas’ death as well, it was just wrong. So was Lucas’ abrupt turnaround, he was so deep in denial and then suddenly he was all over Bryce, it just didn’t fit.

I will recommend this to those who love vampires, paranormal, rogues, hot sex and a happy ending.