Heart's Truth - Tamsin Baker 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Marcus turns up to his friend Sienna’s party sure he will be the only gay person there, but he gets a nice surprise when he spots a gorgeous young man who pings his gaydar. Discovering the young man, Danny, is Sienna’s brother puts him on guard, but he can’t resist the temptation to discover if the attraction is mutual. Danny hasn’t had any satisfaction in his sexual experience and he has tried hard to find it. Discovering he is more attracted to men has him nervous, he has no way to discover if he really does want a man, until he meets Marcus and they begin a secret relationship. But, Marcus is an out and proud gay man and Danny is deep in the closet, can they really make a relationship work when it is carried out in the shadows?

This is a great story of a young man finding the courage to face his family and admit the truth to them, even knowing they might turn their backs on him. Marcus discovers something special in Danny, something he recognises after just one night together, and although Danny feels the same way, Marcus knows that Danny is scared of his family’s reaction. Marcus can only hope that Danny loves him enough to come out of the closet. Danny knows he is lucky to have met and fallen in love with Marcus and although he adores Marcus he fears his family’s reaction to his being gay, unfortunately Sienna sees something she wasn’t supposed to and Danny now has a choice to make.

I really enjoyed this story with a slightly older man guiding a younger man into the joys of gay sex and love. Both characters are wonderful with Marcus at times being a bit cocky and overpowering, and Danny at time naïve, scared but willing to learn. Marcus has already ‘been there, done that’ with his coming out and estrangement from his family, so he is patient with Danny as the younger man finds his footing. Danny already knows how his parents will react and dreads telling them and you really do understand why when you do finally see their reaction. Sienna was kinda two faced with her reaction to Danny, it was okay for her friends to be gay but not her brother.

We do see some really good bits in Danny and Marcus’ relationship and we see how easily they mesh together, we see how quickly they support each other and you just know that they are a perfect match. They are also explosive in their attraction and are extremely hot even when they are fully clothed, damn they make a hot grope at the side of the house steamy.

I recommend this to those that love coming out and first time love stories, great characters who only want love, difficult decisions, hot sex and a great reconciliation ending.