The Paramedic and the Writer - R.J. Scott 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Jamie moved to Ellery to start a new life away from the city, he works as a paramedic and is happy to work alongside his friend Liam, even if he makes excuses so he can avoid the Friday night meet-ups with all the happy couples. When Jamie and Max rescue a man from a car wreck Jamie begins to fall for the violet eyes and he wonders what the man’s story is, but the man has amnesia and there are many unanswered questions.

Ah Ellery Mountain men are just something special and Jamie is no different than those that came before him. Jamie is a sweet character who loves his job, he goes that little bit further with the patients, caring for each and every one of them. When Jamie and Max rescue a man from a car wreck Jamie wants to know more about the handsome man, but until the death of the passenger of the car is cleared up he knows he can’t really get involved. John Doe (Ian) can’t remember what happened or who he is, he has flashes of memory but nothing that can really help him. When he does remember and the situation is resolved he makes his interest in Jamie known, but his own history might just count against him.

I really enjoyed this story where we find out a little of Jamie’s past that has scared him off adrenalin seekers for life. Both Ian and Jamie are great characters and they slot quite nicely together, even with Jamie’s fears that Ian will be running off chasing the next dangerous story. They are certainly hot together and although their first date ends with a terrible event, you can see the simmering attraction between them. The storyline is interesting, first with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Ian’s crash, then with the horrific attack on a secondary character and finally the developing relationship between Jamie and Ian, which is just a bit rocky.

The development of the Ellery series is continuing and broadening its horizons, we learn how Daniel’s Veteran house is coming along and we have a new development of a homophobic attack in the usually gay friendly Ellery. I can’t wait for the next instalment of these sexy men and what may await us as the Veteran house is opened and they get their first client in [b:The Barman and the SEAL|17935116|The Barman and the SEAL (Ellery Mountain, #6)|R.J. Scott||25143416].

I recommend this to those that love mystery, daring rescues, hot men, hot sex, brilliant characters, men risking their hearts and a great ending.