Handcuffs and Lace - Angel Rothamel 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Thomas hasn't had much luck and a night out with workmates proves that his luck is getting worse, as if being ignored by his workmates and having a tray of drinks spilt on him isn't enough, being pulled over by a corrupt cop and locked up is a nightmare. Gabriel has been investigating an officer who has shady arrests and lots of injured prisoners, passing a bloody Thomas in a holding cell has Gabriel trying to help him. Thomas and Gabriel also discover an attraction between them but will either get the courage to admit the truth to the other.

This is a great little story of finding love and weeding out police corruption. Thomas was minding his own business doing nothing wrong when he is targeted by a police officer, but when Gabriel helps Thomas out Thomas ends up the victim of vengeance and Gabriel must protect him. Thomas is a very meek character, he expects to be treated like crap and just accepts the bad treatment. Gabriel wants to protect those that have been treated badly and takes Thomas under his wing. Both men find it hard to ask for what they want and Thomas pushes a confrontation to get to the truth.

Both these characters are well suited and fit together perfectly, after the investigation into the corrupt police officer is over and Thomas is no longer in danger they fall into an easy friendship with both of the wanting more. I loved how they got to know each other before they have the blowout over their attraction, you could see how well they fit together before hot sex is brought into the picture. The corrupt police officer storyline is a little bit out there but it is done well and gives the story an edge of danger, it snowballs very quickly but is the catalyst of getting Thomas and Gabriel together quickly.

I recommend this is you like dangerous police, an innocent hurt, developing love, hot sex and a great start to an interesting perfect relationship.