Dirty Little Secret - Ella Sheridan 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Shane is participating in the Hunt determined to surrender his birthright that has only caused him danger, all he has to do is last as long as possible without becoming a cats victor and his new life will be set. Mariket has a Hunt as part of the negotiations with other planets, during mating season participants are chosen and the Hunt is broadcasted while the cats hunt their mates. Lore has found his victor but he is in danger from rogue cats and dangerous beasts, someone wants his victor dead and Lore will do anything to protect his mate.

This is a great hot, scorching science fiction story that has a mating hunt twined with planet negotiations and a television spectacle. Shane is running from his birthright, a birthright that his brothers have tried in the past to kill him for, taking part in the hunt will give him a new lease in life if all goes to plan. Lore is enjoying his hunt, his human choice is a delight to chase and the capture and release is fun. Shane discovers that the cat on his trail is not about to let him go and Lore has to convince the human to be his victor. But something is wrong, a rogue cat attacks, beasts from outside get into the arena and the target seems to be Shane.

This is a great story and we are thrown into the thick of the action from the opening pages, it's a fight for survival as well as a fight to tempt the cats. We are thrown into a world where sexual encounters are hot, passionate, slightly violent but always scorching and broadcasted for all to see. Shane is a great character and he has a plan, it isn't his fault that it doesn't quite work out but he does try to fight the instinct to give up. Lore is a sweetie who treats his human like he is a treasure, well, after he has f**ked the man into submission. They have some rocky times as Lore tries to convince Shane that Shane is his victor, and Shane doesn't give in gracefully at all.

The secondary storyline is cool as you begin to figure out that someone is targeting Shane, disrupting the Hunt and trying to destroy the negotiations of the cats. You really are surprised by who the culprit is and the lengths the assassin goes to, to pin Shane down, it might have worked as well if not for Shane's determination to stay with his cat, and Lore's determination to rescue his human. The sex in this story is really scorching and can be a bit brutal at times.... those cat mating instincts you know!

I recommend this to those who love inter-species mating, scorching hot sex, hunting and claiming, a killer plot and a great storyline that keeps you on your toes.