Greg Honey - Russ Gregory 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Greg Honey is a private investigator, he lives in the gatehouse at his family estate and tries to dodge his mothers matchmaking as much as possible. Taking the few cases he drums up, he tries his best to complete them and if he can't then, oh well, he tried. He has other problems cropping up like his best friend, Willa and her missing panties and another friends, maybe, straying spouse. Greg discovers he has a stalker and there are some strange goings on up at his mothers house. Greg also has a new boyfriend who he adores and is the one bright spark in Greg's jumbled world.

This is a great story with a twisting mystery and some very colorful characters. Greg Honey is the very put upon son, his mother is determined that he will lose his gay and marry a suitable female producing little Honey's, Greg is very much sure he won't lose his gay and avoids his mother as much as possible. Greg's passion is private investigating and he is pretty good at it, his best friend Willa is a constant chatterbox who has just a little bit of a screw lose, and his new boyfriend Matt is so much higher than him on the gay boy food chain. When a 'friend' Ross hires him first to find his long lost brother and then to find out what his partner is up to every night, Greg is dragged into a mystery that seems to lead to home and it is up to Greg and his friends to foil the plot.

When I started reading this story it was like being tossed into a whirlwind, and god what a ride! Following Greg as he embarks on some desperately needed cases, hangs with his best friend and starts a new relationship with the man of his dreams was just amazing, in some places I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry! The characters are bloody amazing who in turns have you laughing and cringing, Willa, Russ and Lucille are the ones to watch out for because you just don't know what they will say next. Even the bad guys are tame compared to those three, but the bad guys add some great distraction and manage to keep Greg slightly off balance while he works his cases, which seem to interconnect in some rather strange settings.

This really is a great story to read if you want lighthearted private investigations, great characters that can shock, a love that might be in the background but never lacks, an interesting mystery and a delightful ending.