House of the Doomed and Damned (Living Cold, #2)

House of the Doomed and Damned (Living Cold, #2) - Addison Avery 2 - 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Quarantine has been searching for his mate and throws parties as a way to meet as many people as possible but he never meets the one and final puts a halt to the parties when he is advised that he is trying too hard. Marvin has suspected for some time that he is Quarantine’s mate but avoids him like the plague, when he finally decides to take a chance it proves that he is the vampires mate. Quarantine is happy to have finally found the one for him and is determined to make his claim, but an ex-lover is determined to claim Quarantine as his own and Marvin’s life hangs in the balance. Forced to take action Quarantine can only wait and pray that Marvin will forgive him.

We meet up with Quarantine as he ends things with his current lover, Toby, when he realises that he wants to resume the hunt for his mate. Quarantine has been desperate to find his mate, that one person who will love him above all others, discovering his mate is Marvin, a man he has heard many rumours about, doesn’t faze Quarantine he just wants to claim his mate. Marvin hasn’t been keen on settling down so avoided Quarantine at all costs, now he has decided to face his fate and see if the vampire really is his mate.

This story has a great premise but the execution was poor. The storyline was pretty good but it fell flat with its characters, mainly because some of the characters in this book we met in the previous one and they had vastly changed personalities. The instant mates angle was good especially when they first met but then it went downhill when Quarantine’s ex-lover lost his marbles, it was sudden and came out of nowhere and was completely over the top. Marvin’s reaction was pretty realistic when he first comes around, but then he forgave them all pretty quickly. Quarantine and Marvin seemed to suit each other perfectly and they were hot together.

I recommend this if you love vampires, strange acting characters, insta-mates and insta-love, hot sex and a very hot ending.