Haunting Memories [The Garden of Elich 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Haunting Memories - Leontii Holender 2 1/2 - 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Sivney is a vampire with a rough past, he has spent many years alone. He spends most of his time working for the Garden and upholding the laws. Kyrien has lived for many years knowing that he was chosen for a vampire, he has waited for that vampire to come to him knowing the man is his mate, his Anima Coeunt. When the two vampires meet they struggle to connect, but Sivney discovers he might have bigger worries on his hands when Newborn vampires start to turn up feeding indiscriminately. As Sivney and Kyrien begin their relationship they discover that their pasts may be connected to the murders.

This is quite a good storyline that starts out strong but quickly falters. Sivney lost his beloved many years ago, since then he has lived alone focusing on working. Kyrien was approached and changed because of his connection to Sivney's beloved, but he has been kept off the radar until Sivney is ready for love again. Sivney isn't sure how to react when he first meets Kyrien but decides to give Kyrien a chance. When the appearance of Newborns around Kyrien's club has The Garden leading an investigation, Sivney knows Kyrien isn't involved. As their relationship heats up a ghost from the past emerges and Sivney is horrified.

Although I found the storyline good and that the relationship between Sivney and Kyrien is hot and very involved, I found the back story very hard to get a grip of. Early on we are told how much Sivnay loved Johann and that Johann was Sivney's Anima Coeunt but later when Kyrien is brought into the picture we are told that Sivney may have been mistaken but it all smacks of convenience. The mystery of where the Newborns come from and their purpose is quite good, but the culprits are again convenient.

There are some very good bits in this story as we learn about the various vampires and their roles, the relationship between Sivney and Kyrien is hot and their connection is instant. We get a lot of information about The Garden and it's history that bogs the story down in places but it is still a pretty good story.

I will recommend this to those that love paranormal connections and stories and history that go back centuries, discovering a new love, plenty of hot sex, a good storyline and danger emerging.