The Chosen

The Chosen - Annette Gisby 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Severin is a prince in his own country of Arcathia, he is traveling in Oscia, who they are recently at peace with after a three year war, and comes across a slave market. Arcathia doesn't have slaves and Severin wishes he could but them all, but buy's one of them to set free once he reaches Arcaitha. Havyn has always been a slave, the kindness of his new master astounds him and to be offered an apprenticeship with a wizard! Severin must marry a princess to continue his line but he would much prefer Havyn under him, Havyn must stay chaste to keep his magic pure and fights the temptation the prince offers. With two kingdoms in the balance, murder and betrayal Severin must decide if duty is more important than love.

This is a great fantasy story that has intrigue, mystery and secrets buried. Severin doesn't want to marry but knows he has to do his duty, when he gets to know Havyn he can't help but dream for a different outcome. Havyn discovers that he is much more than just a slave when he meets Prince Severin and the wizard Ildar, and he has difficultly keeping chaste when Severin tempts him so much. Setting off to meet his future bride a terrible tragedy occurs and Severin faces more difficulties to come.

I quite enjoyed this fantasy story and the developing relationship between Havyn and Severin. I liked the storyline and the mystery that is hovering just on our peripheral vision, you know there is a secret that will be revealed you just don't know when or by who. There are a couple of things that happen that make this story interesting but I won't ruin the surprise. The relationship between Havyn and Severin is rocky but they find their way with some sweet loving and gentle reassurances. The journey that Severin, Havyn and Ildar undertake is a decent adventure and it never bores and it does lead to the solution to Severin's marriage problem.

I recommend this to those who love fantasy, interesting storylines, twists, murder, betrayal, hopeless love, sweet lovemaking and a great ending that wraps everything up nicely.