Stone Heart

Stone Heart - Sui Lynn 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews - Stone Heart

Justin has settled into the city where he hopes his stalker won’t find him. As he works on the old church, that he will call home, he talks to the gargoyles that guard his sanctuary. When he is attacked, he dreams that his favorite gargoyle comes to him to offer comfort and support. Cullen has spent much time listening to the human talk to him, now he finds that his human needs protection and he and his fellow gargoyles will ensure his protection.

Justin is an artist who is opening his own gallery. As he works on the old church, he awakens the gargoyles and they will protect him from those who would do harm. But, the gargoyles are helpless during the day, so Justin calls in an old friend. This is an interesting gargoyle story that I found wonderful for the simple fact that although they came alive at night they still turned to stone during the day and not even Justin’s love changes that, it really was refreshing.

Justin might have thought that he had fled his stalker, but the man just won’t give up. Cullen is really sweet in his need to protect Justin, but even he knows that he has limitations. Now, even though this story is focused on Justin and Cullen there are other things that are going on in the background that are just as interesting that involve Justin’s sister, her son and her high school sweetheart, you also have the other gargoyles Bob, Draco and Snout who make for interesting reading.

I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to Sui Lynn’s future gargoyle stories. With this one, I will recommend it to those who love gargoyles, hot sex, an interesting story, a slightly more realistic gargoyle story (do not go there, I know it isn’t real so *raspberry*) and a happy ending for everyone involved. (Except Bob because his angel really is just stone.)