Abandoned (Galactic Betrayal, #1)

Abandoned  (Galactic Betrayal #1)  - Silvia Violet 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Lark has no choice but to leave his partner behind when his partner got captured, he has lived with the guilt for six months but he tried everything he could to get his partner out, now six months later Derek is his prisoner and Lark tries to get Derek to face the truth. Derek doesn’t know what to believe but he knows that he has to try and resist the man he loves and escape out of the hellhole he is in.

This book is well written and is extremely intense from the beginning till the end. Lark knows the truth of what really happened six months ago while Derek believes what he has been told by the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau now they are face to face and both men are bitter and angry and it is directed at each other. This is a very emotional explicit story as we see both men struggle with their feelings of anger, betrayal and guilt for different reasons.

There are unexpectedly numerous explicit, erotic sex scenes which have a BDSM kink but nothing really heavy. All the scenes are intense as we progress through the book and we get an overview of what happened to separate the two men in the first place and we see the progression of the relationship as they admit their feelings to each other but it isn’t an easy ride for either men as they try to sort out their doubts, escape and to admit that they had both changed since they last saw each other.

The storyline is good and I really can’t wait for the next book in the series as I really want to see how the plot will unfold, we get the beginning in this book as Derek finally realises just where the betrayal came from and Lark knows beyond a doubt that he was left on Lancarina in deep cover to die, now with both men back together anything is possible ;-). We also have some dark areas where torture and rape are alluded to and the brutal treatment that Derek suffered and Lark had to dish out while undercover are spoken or thought of.

I have to recommend this one to those who love science fiction, brutal worlds, deep betrayal, lies, truth, really hot erotic sex, two men looking for the truth and a happy ending.