Deep Plunge (SoulShares, #3)

Deep Plunge (SoulShares, #3) - Rory Ni Coileain 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Lochlann was the first through the Pattern, the guinea pig, and has been wandering Earth for over two thousand years, he lost his magic six hundred years ago during the Black Plague and now he has finally met his SoulShare. Garrett has had bad news, his HIV has mutated into full blown AIDS, when he meets Lochlann he is still reeling from the shock and tries to push the Fae away. Lochlann needs his magic back to heal Garrett, and to get his magic back he has to complete the SoulShare with Garrett, but Garrett is scared to put Lochlann in danger and neither know if Lochlann would survive after so many years. Janek and the Marfach are still desperate for the power and they will do anything to possess it.

This is a brilliant addition to the SoulShare series, we discover more about the Loremaster's and the creation of the Pattern and we see a new pairing of Fae and human and the difficulties they face. Lochlann has roamed Earth for over two thousand years and never seen another Fae, but the night he discovers his SoulShare Garrett he meets another Fae and discovers that his ex-friend Cuinn is still floating around and boy does Lochlann have a bone to pick with him. Garrett knows he will never have a real intimate relationship again and that his health is seriously depleted, but although he tries to push away the sexy Fae he can't help but have that touch of hope. But danger is heading their way as the Marfach is getting impatient for magic.

I loved this installment of the series and the new developments that was revealed. Lochlann and Garrett have a terrible journey ahead of them as they come together, their budding joining is nearly torn apart not only by the Marfach but also by death. We see the characters from previous stories Tiernan and Kevin ([b:Hard As Stone|16097830|Hard As Stone (Soulshares, #1)|Rory Ni Coileain||21906553]) and Conall and Josh ([b:Gale Force|17403626|Gale Force (Soulshares, #2)|Rory Ni Coileain||24239990]) and also Cuinn as Lochlann and Garrett face challenges to be together. Although there were some trying times in the previous books this story has the most harrowing as Janek and the Marfach take extreme measures to try to get what they want.

I recommend this to those that love Fae, danger, a long reaching plot, hope, great characters, more maneuvering of the Loremasters, an interesting storyline and a great ending.