The Case of the Rising Star: A Derrick Steele Mystery

The Case of the Rising Star: A Derrick Steele Mystery - Zavo 2 - 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and is best read in order. Derrick Steele is a private eye in his family agency, taking cases and solving problems. When a movie star that Derrick idolizes walks through the door after receiving death threats Derrick jumps on the case. Derrick's family has other problems though when his half brother turns up expecting his share of the family business. But it doesn't end there for Derrick because Daniel's past accompany's the brother and Daniel and Derrick begin to fall apart, but Derrick can't really be sorry when he has a movie star waiting in the wings.

This is a very interesting detective story with a randy PI who can't seem to keep it in his pants. I won't go into too much detail about the storyline other than to say it isn't really complicated, we have the odd case here and there, but the majority of the story is about Derrick getting as much sex as possible from any available male. The investigation side of the storyline was pretty interesting with it's cases but the follow through was pretty weak and the bullying half-brother was not impressive. There was much reference to happenings in the previous story [b:Derrick Steele: Private Dick the Case of the Hollywood Hustlers|11305261|Derrick Steele Private Dick the Case of the Hollywood Hustlers|Zavo||16233067] and although we are given a little detail, it would still be best to read the previous book first so you get the full flavor of Derrick and his wicked ways.

Derrick isn't a very likable man if you want faithfulness in your story, he takes pleasure in having an uncontrollable dick and sees no reason not to act on it. Now don't get me wrong, he isn't cheating because he has an agreement with Daniel that they can have sex with who they like, but still in a time with no condoms and casual sex, you would have expected him to tone it down a little if he has a partner. Oh yeah Derrick's parents are very understanding for the time as well. Derrick's relationship with Daniel becomes rocky because Daniel is hiding something from his past, but Derrick didn't really give him a chance because Derrick was too busy panting over the movie star and envisioning himself in love after a couple of tumbles with the man.

I recommend this if you like old fashioned private-eyes, drinking and screwing around, some token investigations, plenty of sex and bed hopping, a disintegrating relationship and a good lead off to the next story.