To Protect the Heir

To Protect the Heir - H. Lewis-Foster 3 1/3 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Mackie is on lookout duty in the woods of his clans land when, for the first time, he has to defend his chieftain's land. After some praise and teasing he is assigned the duty of escorting the chieftain's son, Alexander, to his uncle's castle and Mackie is put to the test of real combat. When they are attacked Mackie must protect Alexander, and after the life or death situation Alexander wants to celebrate life in the most carnal of ways, Mackie finds it hard to rebuff the attractive man. A relationship between the soldier and the heir is out of the question but the attraction is hard to deny, but Alexander knows he has to do his duty.

This is a cute short story that has a love that is forbidden not just between men, but their stations in life as well. Mackie is just serving his military time before he follows in his fathers footsteps to become a physician, when he finds himself noticed for protecting his chieftain's land and is assigned to protect the heir. When the two find themselves alone after a brutal attack they embark on a brief affair that neither wants to end.

This story really is too short to have got to know the characters very well but both men come across as good men, although Alexander isn't the usual sort of man that Mackie is attracted to he becomes enamored to the heir pretty quickly when they are alone. Alexander makes his wishes well known and they manage to find a way to be together. The story is very sweet even with the brutal deaths that bring them together, although there is a big jump from them both contemplating their duties and the dream they share of being together to nearly a year later when they manage to make a semblance of their dream.

I recommend this to those who love short sweet love stories, a touch of action and danger, dreams and wishes and a very happy ending.