In the Shadows of the Suns [Heathen Gods 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

In the Shadows of the Suns - Leontii Holender 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Thayne is the captain of an exploratory vessel and is on the mission of his life, he has to find out just how far the Purge, a plague like virus, has traveled and lead the mission to find the cure. Thayne discovers a savant holds the answers and the Royal families release him to Thayne's care, and Thayne discovers more than just a gifted man who is able to save their worlds, he discovers a man who he can love. Arohn is a Beacon, a connection to the Gods (the Wyrms), he has been kept in suspended animation for hundreds of years only to be used as a last resort with his connection to the Gods. Arohn is lonely and his connection to Thayne gives him hope of more than being just a Beacon. But with the fate of worlds in his hands Arohn must make the biggest sacrifice of his life.

This is a great science fiction story of an alien race racing to find a cure and resorting to desperate means to save their worlds. Thayne is a man who has the weight of his people on his shoulders as the Purge is spreading turning them into mindless infected craving living flesh, Arohn is a man who was taught that he is a direct connection to the Wyrms and his duty is to his people. These two men come together in desperate times and fall in love, but, the duty they both face could tear them apart. With love and understanding between the two of them they might wish their future was different but with Arohn being the Beacon he is destined for the cryo-chambers when the danger has past.

Well, I will have to explain that while I call the characters men they are male aliens, they are described well and I really should have paid more attention to the cover then the horns wouldn't have been a surprise LOL. Thayne and Arohn make a wonderful sweet couple but even we can't hold out much hope for a happily ever after when their people have a habit of sticking the gifted in cryo-chambers only to be pulled out as needed. Both men grab what happiness they can though and we get a very pleasant ending with the help of the Wyrms.

This story is wonderfully written with excitement and action in just the right places, we get good descriptions of the worlds and what everyone is facing and we also get the full impact of Arohn's lonely existence. While their attraction is instant and Arohn wants to embrace his freedom with companionship we see Thayne's struggle as he balances what he wants with his duty to his people, there is much stress put on both characters and you really do hope it all comes out right in the end. The interesting twist of the Wyrm's and the background of the Purge will have me looking for the next book.

I recommend this to those who love science fiction, sexy aliens finding love, a great storyline which is left open, hot sex, action and excitement and a great ending for two great characters.