Needing by Sarah Masters

Needing - Sarah Masters
1 1/2 - 2 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
Oliver is called by the dead to find their killers and assists the police in locating dead bodies, his contact is Detective Langham a man he has found himself falling in love with but he doesn't even know if Langham is gay. Oliver finds himself in the middle of a field after answering the call of a dead woman, soon after he is chased and driven off the road and Oliver knows it is the killer. Langham and Oliver work closer than ever before to track down the killer and the mystery of the sugar strands, and as more bodies pile up and suspicion is rampant, Langham makes his move and makes it clear to Oliver just how gay he is.
This story has a great premise of a psychic helping the police solve murders, but I found it sadly lacking in some areas. Oliver goes when the voices call, he goes to the bodies of the recently murdered and he helps the police locate the killers, but this new murder hits closer to home when he realizes he interrupted the killer. Oliver is also in love with his police contact Langham and it is an awkward dance as the two finally change their relationship in the midst of the investigation. There is also the chase to catch the killer as more people are murdered in brutal fashion, it is gory and bloody, and they discover that children are being experimented on.  
The relationship between Langham and Oliver was confusing at first because they were constantly picking at each other and cursing each other out, I would not have called it a friendship at all, but then Oliver explains it is just the way they are with each other. Their relationship heats up as they work closely together and they track the leads, they face some homophobia from a fellow detective but don't let it effect what is developing between them. The one thing that got me more than anything was that we never learn Langham's first name, Oliver only ever calls him Langham and even thinks of him that way all the time and it made me feel the lack of real intimacy between them. 
I really wanted to love this story because the blurb pulled me right in but I just couldn't. The storyline and plot was pretty good with the mystery of the murders and who was behind it all, and the investigation into the murder/s was exciting and intriguing, but, (and this is where I vent like a teenager) I gather that the setting is in England and while the author has done a fair job with the investigation she should have watched reruns of The Bill (an old British cop show) or A Touch Of Frost (British CID drama) to see the real workings of the 'Detectives' in England. (CID is the Criminal Investigation Department or Coppers In Disguise LOL)         
I will recommend this to those who don't have a clue about British police, who love psychic's and murder investigations, love mystery and mayhem, a relationship that is both frustrating and passionate and a pretty good ending.