The Alpha's Only by Amber Kell

The Alpha's Only - Amber Kell
3 1/2 - 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Tiber is the Alpha of Black Creek pack and wants to find his mate, and stumbles across him when he is looking for signs of Oscar. Keir is overjoyed to finally meet his mate, but he has no intention of ever sharing his mate with anyone else. Tiber and Keir have other concerns first though they have to hunt down Oscar and rescue pack members and they discover there is a traitor in their midst. 
Oh Keir is one confident puppy and Tiber soon learns that surrender is bliss. Tiber is still hunting for Oscar, the insane wolf who is murdering Tiber's pack members, while on a hunt he and Conner discover an injured red wolf and take him to Josh. Keir was looking for Tiber's pack when he was attacked by a back wolf, even though he is injured he is still overjoyed to meet the alpha, now he just needs to convince the shifter that they are meant to be together. With Tiber accepting new pack members he doesn't realize that he may have accepted a traitor, but it soon comes to a head and all is revealed. 
I really enjoyed this story, I really liked the way that Keir, as a red wolf, was slightly different from the gray wolves, fully believing in the mate bond for red wolves. Keir is also super confident, even though he knows alpha's usually take more than one mate he is determined to prove his new-found mate otherwise and that he is the only mate Tiber needs. Tiber has been alone for some time and although he doesn't say outright at first you get the feeling he has no intention of having more than one mate anyway, he just likes tease Keir. Their relationship is passionate and they get along brilliantly, the storyline has a good hint of tension with a healthy dose of danger. I must admit to being slightly surprised as to the traitor and cheered happily when they got what they deserved. 
I recommend this to those who love shifters, a great storyline, brilliant characters, hot sex, shifters getting their just deserts and a great hot ending.