Less Than All - Lee Brazil 3 Hearts

First published at MM Good Book Reviews


Nicholas has a crush on Victor, his best friend’s older brother, but he knows that it is futile as Victor has to carry on the family name…even if he did notice him. Victor burns for Nicholas, but doesn’t act on it. Instead, sending Nicholas away, after catching him with his brother. But, now years later, he can’t fight the pull anymore. But, Nicholas won’t give him what he wants most, because Nicholas doesn’t believe Victor loves him.

This is a well written regency romance, showing a difficult time for gay men and their relationships. Victor finally gives into his longing for Nicholas, but Nicholas begins to run, Nicholas realizes that what he feels is deeper than just a fling and he panics when he realizes that Victor will have to marry and have children. Victor can’t understand why Nicholas is backing off and gets demanding with Nicholas. It is only later, after a heart to heart with Victor’s brother, that Nicholas wants to grab the memories with both hands.

Victor is typical of a Lord; he demands and his demands are met. But, with Nicholas, he can’t have what he demands and instead of asking and finding out why Nicholas refuses, he threatens Nicholas instead. Nicholas wants more than a passing fling and he does get in over his head with Victor. The thing is, they complement each other well, but because of the era, it’s a struggle for both of them. It isn’t until both of them confide in good friends, do they maybe see a solution. I liked the story and I thought the characters were well done for the time period. Both men’s attitudes also reflected that time and what sex we do see is erotic and hot.

I will recommend this to those who love historicals, regency, secret lovers, hot sex and a happy for now ending.