Orlin's Fall - Amber Kell 3 1/2 Hearts

Review first posted at MM Good Book Reviews


Orlin sells himself at auction as a pet after his parents die and he is left with nothing. Orlin hopes that life, as a pet, won’t be too bad and after his term of service, he will have the money he needs to start a new life. But, he never expected to be sold to his mate. Aester follows the advice of the seer and goes to the auction where Orlin is on the auction block. The first look he gets of Orlin and he knows he is the one, now he just has to keep him safe.

A cute little novella that provides great entertainment. Orlin has had a lot to cope with, his parents died and left behind huge debts, his extended royal family won’t help him out so he does the only thing that he can think of… he becomes a pet, a nice name for a submission love slave. Orlin isn’t really suited to be a pet, because although he is slightly submissive he has his own way of doing things. That and the whole “fifth in line for the throne” thing, that has given him royal training since birth. Aester is new to his throne and set on doing everything the law says, but his pet is disrupting everything by how he acts; insisting on *gasp* walking and translating with cat people. Before long, it brings Orlin to the attention of Aester’s uncle.

This is an enjoyable light read that is well written. I liked the way that Orlin got into trouble without even trying and that it brought to light to Aester the problems in his Kingdom that he never suspected. And also unearths some unsavory people, who would do him harm. I would have liked to know more about Orlin’s powers as they developed, but it was only a novella ;-) . Aester is a strong character, but he wanted an equal that he could spoil and while Orlin is a submissive he can hold his own and be a strong support to the right man.

You know, I love this series because we have strong characters that are either dominate or submissive but each will have a strong core and they need a partner who is their equal, but also the perfect match to their own personality. I also like the way Amber Kell has written this in the way that although they are Doms and subs, it isn’t in the way that BDSM is usually portrayed. It is more like, their natural personalities have one partner who is slightly more Dominate than the other.

So, if you enjoy science fiction, hot sex, magic and slight danger, hot men, slight D/s relationships and a happy ever after then I have to recommend this to you.