The Teacher and the Soldier - R.J. Scott 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Luke left Ellery Mountain ten years ago and vowed never to return, but when his father is murdered and leaves Luke his half of the cabins, Luke feels it’s time to face the past before he continues his life, but meeting Daniel, the son of the other owner of the cabins, throws him for a loop, but there is no way he will be able to stay in Ellery with the ghosts that haunt him, can he? Daniel is frustrated to be unable to get hold of Luke to find out what the man plans to do with his share of the cabins, meeting the man and getting to know him makes him want more, but even he can see that the past haunts Luke, is what they have enough to chase away the ghosts?

Ahhh sexy Daniel’s story hmmm *drool*. Luke returns to a place he hates, he swore never to return but he believes that he can settle his fathers will and get out of town without losing it, but he never counted on crossing paths with Daniel. Daniel has plans to help other soldiers like himself who return home needing help, but first he has to sort out what is happening with the cabins, meeting Luke he recognises a wounded soul and they begin a hot affair, but when it’s time for Luke to leave Daniel doesn’t want him to go, will love win or are Luke’s fears driving him too hard?

This is an excellent story that delves into the long standing repercussions of childhood abuse. Luke is an excellent character, although he has had therapy the abuse he suffered while the town seemed to turn a blind eye affected him deeply. He is a strong man but facing Ellery Mountain again shakes him to the core, finding love there scares him and he has to work through his feelings before he loses love. Daniel is a wonderful man, he wants to do something good for those affected by war and he also wants to keep a tight hold of the love he has found in the man who is perfect for him, but he knows that he can’t force Luke to stay.

This story is really well written and it does tug at your heartstrings for what Luke had to face alone and also the effect it is still having on him, Daniel and Luke are an excellent pairing and are very hot together, they have a strong connection that goes further than a physical attraction and they make a great couple. The storyline is very good and I liked how Luke seemed to overcome his obstacles to accept the love he is offered and I liked how Daniel didn’t pressure Luke to recount his past. We see Max and Finn (from [b:The Fireman and the Cop|16060479|The Fireman and the Cop|R.J. Scott||21847797]) again and Kieran and Liam and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to both their stories ([b:The Carpenter and the Actor|16457690|The Carpenter and the Actor|R.J. Scott||22650213], and [b:The Doctor and the Bad Boy|17406201|The Doctor and the Bad Boy|R.J. Scott||24245060]).

I will recommend this to those who love facing the past stories, fighting for love, hot sex, great characters, a good storyline and a happy ending.