Sounds of Love  - Susan Laine 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jordan has moved to Washington D.C. after getting shot on the job in New York, he needed a change of pace and Washington suits him just fine, now he has found someone who has captured his attention but he has some unexpected emotions to work through. Sebastian works for the police department as a volunteer and when he first meets Jordan the attraction is there but he is wary of Jordan’s behaviour towards him.

This is quite a sweet story about two emotional damaged men who must work through their feelings to come together fully. Sebastian has been treated like an invalid by his family because he is deaf but he lives a fulfilling life in Washington away from his family. Jordan has for the most part felt abandoned by his family who seem to be spread all over and rarely keep in touch. Jordan has a lot to work through before he can accept how he really feels for Sebastian, whereas Sebastian can accept it easily, he just needs to help out his brother.

I must admit that I was slightly confused at first as to Jordan’s own description of his own personality when compared to his actual thoughts and actions, but then I realised that he was only mellow when it came to everything else except his own feelings, when his feelings became engaged his calm went completely out the window and he became a manic in his own brain. Sebastian is a wonderful character who is so full of life and doesn’t let the fact that he is deaf affect him too much.

Although this book is well written it does seem to drag at times and that’s because of Jordan’s internal debating and internal dialogue, he really can ramble. The relationship between Jordan and Sebastian seems to move slowly but it doesn’t, it’s just really drawn out in descriptions, the entire book is just over three weeks with nearly half the book being for the first few days, there’s conflict thrown in to show how emotionally messed up Jordan is and we get some more in the shape of Sebastian’s mother as well. The high point with a bit of light relief is both Jordan’s brother Jack and Sebastian’s brother Bro they are two great supporting characters and added some much needed lightness to the book.

I will recommend this one to those who love sweet sexy men, emotionally distanced men, conflict, slight danger, hot erotic loving and a happy ending for all.