Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Austin has had enough of living his life in the limelight as a movie star and is retiring, he has bought land in Texas in his hometown and is planning on a quiet life away from the media and cameras and hopefully to find some happiness with a man to love him. But Austin is still hot property and the paparazzi don’t want to let him go, with his pseudo girlfriend spiralling out of control and his new relationship about to be blown out into the open Austin has some tough decisions to make. Kitt has worked hard to build his farm back up after his father’s death, if anyone ever found out his secret he would lose everything. Discovering his new neighbour is hot movie star Austin, the man he has fantasised about since high school, shakes him down to his roots and starting anything with the man is risky but falling in love is hard to avoid.

This is a great story of a movie star and a cowboy, falling in love and facing prejudice, ramifications of the past and hounding of the press. Austin has come to the stage in his life where he wants to be honest about himself, but being in the limelight there is no way he can be, retiring to his new farm he discovers a happiness he never thought he would really have with Kitt, his hot cowboy neighbour. But Kitt is firmly in the closet with no way of coming out if he wants to continue supporting his stepmom and sisters, Austin might be everything he wants but the risk is nearly too much. Kitt faces losing everything but is love enough for him to stick by his man?

I thought this story was brilliant, Kitt and Austin are great characters both of them are men’s men through and through, both of them have hidden in the closet for their own reasons and when they meet the attraction is instant. The storyline is great and is kept on an even keel with just a few sparks of excitement along the way, the relationship between Kitt and Austin was well paced, even though they jump in bed after only a few days they aren’t declaring their love for each other right away, which made it more believable. The sex is mega hot but there isn’t too much of it, it is nicely spaced out so you can enjoy the rest of the relationship with its longing, doubts and tests.

I have to recommend this to those who love cowboys and movie stars, closeted men being thrust out the door, hot sex, a tested love, finding support in unexpected places, a hidden secret and a very happy ending.