Collared Souls (Sentries #4) - Elizabeth  Noble 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Todd and Nick make a mad dash for freedom when Vice-Chancellor Raleigh’s troops finally capture them, with Todd imprisoned and Nick planning his escape they receiving a helping hand from Chancellor Clarke and are once again in his debt. Reluctantly carrying out a mission that takes them back to Eldrid, they discover a chilling list of slaves and owners that Raleigh is trying to get his hands on. With conspiracies going back far into the past and a trigger that could set lover against lover, Todd and Nick must put a stop to Raleigh’s plans before the tide of war changes, but it will test their bond and love to the limits.

This is an excellent addition to the Sentries series, giving us additional information about the origins of the Sentries, what happened to the world and how the way of life came about. Todd and Nick are as devoted to each other as they have been throughout the series, they may be owner and slave, but they are also mates with Todd encouraging Nick to be his own person. In this story we see how far Nick has come and how he has developed from that shy quite slave we first met in [b:Marked Yours|11068376|Marked Yours (Sentries, #1)|Elizabeth Noble||15989676], we also see the deep love that Todd and Nick have for each other. The development of the characters over the series is brilliant, the changes are slow but a natural development of their growth together.

The storyline is well written and plotted out perfectly, as with each book before it, it has its own story but with hints and slivers of plot for the next book to come. Nick and Todd uncover a devious plot by Raleigh, when they are investigating in Eldrid for Clarke, the plot is sinister and must be stopped before Raleigh can put it into motion, but it puts both Nick and Todd in danger. This story sees Nick and Todd delving into history, dodging soldiers, escaping traps, helping injured, gaining allies and never finding the full truth. For those who have just joined the series it is imperative that the books are read in order, otherwise you will never understand the bond between Nick and Todd and you need the other books for the background and a more in-depth understanding of the world they live in.

I will recommend this story to those that love a post-apocalyptic world, paranormal aspects, a strong lovers bond, complex storyline that weaves through the entire series and a happy for now ending.