Dreamcatcher - Iyana Jenna 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Jordan always thought that the story told to him when he was small by his grandfather was just that a story, but when other kids at his school start falling sleep and never waking up he knows there was truth behind it. When his best friend Jamie falls asleep, Jordan prays that his dreamcatcher can capture the nightmare plaguing his town.

This is a great Young Adult short fantasy that while not strictly LGBT isn’t strictly straight either, it is more just young adult with no sexual orientation hanging over it, so whoever reads it can make up their own minds as to the orientation of the characters. Jordan’s great-great-grandfather defeated a warlock many years before, the dreamcatcher and the story has been passed down through the family since that time, but now is the time when the warlock returns and Jordan has to hope that he can save his friends, being caught in a nightmare wasn’t part of the plan and it is down to Jamie to rescue Jordan.

Dreamcatcher is a great little fantasy story that is beautiful in its simplicity, an old tale and a dreamcatcher are all that is needed to defeat a deadly foe, two seventeen year olds are the heroes and their friendship keeps them strong. The characters are nice and the general feel you get from them is that they will be friends for life, more than that is hard to catch as it is a very short story. The warlock is nicely nasty and the solution is nicely carried out.

I have to recommend this to all teenagers and young adults, adults who like simple young adult fantasy, solid friendships and a great ending.